Yasin Memari | Senior Bioinformatician

Memari, Yasin

Yasin Memari is a Senior Bioinformatician who works on analysis of next generation sequencing and omics data. Since joining the Sanger Institute in January 2010 he has contributed to several projects including UK10K, ESGI and HipSci.

While doing a PhD in Physics at the University of Edinburgh, I became interested in statistical analysis and its applications in other inter-disciplinary sciences. Upon completing my PhD, I embarked on a new field of research in statistical genetics where I was fortunate to have early access to large scale human genome sequence data.

Initially I worked on genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) of quantitative traits which subsequently led me to become involved in the UK10K consortium. Within UK10K I was a core analyst responsible for central production of association analyses and meta-analyses of the cohorts populations across multiple cardio-metabolic and anthropometric traits.

In addition, I became a contact analyst for ESGI, a pan-European trans-national access programme involved in the training and the dissemination of knowledge of next generation sequencing technology among its participating institutes. I closely worked with several European research groups and delivered training and data which were used for different kinds of studies including population genetic and rare disease studies.

Eventually I became more involved in genome informatics and analysis of raw sequencing and omics data. In my current role, as part of the HipSci consortium, I develop the data processing pipelines for diverse biological assays from human IPSc lines. I have been in charge of workflow automation, bioinformatics analysis and quality control of the data.

I also have contributed to VRPipe, an open-source generic data and pipeline management system which is used for workflow automation and resource management by several groups at the Sanger Institute.

I have interests in translational genomics and applications of sequencing technology to genetic based medicine.


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Memari, Yasin
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Joined Vertebrate Resequencing Group led by Shane McCarthy


Joined Computational Genomics Group led by Richard Durbin


Joined Genomics of Quantitative Variation Group led by Nicole Soranzo