Iliana Bista, PhD | Postdoctoral Fellow

Bista, Iliana


  • Environmental DNA metabarcoding: Transforming how we survey animal and plant communities.

    Deiner K, Bik HM, Mächler E, Seymour M, Lacoursière-Roussel A et al.

    Molecular ecology 2017;26;21;5872-5895

  • Annual time-series analysis of aqueous eDNA reveals ecologically relevant dynamics of lake ecosystem biodiversity.

    Bista I, Carvalho GR, Walsh K, Seymour M, Hajibabaei M et al.

    Nature communications 2017;8;14087

  • Comparative pattern of genetic structure in two Mediterranean killifishes Aphanius fasciatus and Aphanius iberus inferred from both mitochondrial and nuclear data.

    Pappalardo AM, Gonzalez EG, Tigano C, Doadrio I and Ferrito V

    Journal of fish biology 2015;87;1;69-87

Bista, Iliana