• Faculty

    Our science is built upon hypothesis-driven research, led by Faculty, Associate Faculty and International Fellows.

  • Scientists and Scientific Operations

    From PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows, bioinformaticians and laboratory managers, these staff the support the delivery of pioneering science.

  • Non-Scientific Operations

    Our Faculty and scientific operations rely on highly effective support, infrastructure and professional services to enable operational and strategic decision-making.


We are led by:

Board of Management

The Institute's governing body delegates authority to our Board of Management.

The main objectives of the Board of Management are to ensure delivery of strategic aims and objectives, to provide leadership across the whole Institute and to ensure high standards of scientific, corporate and charity governance. 

Our Board of Management lead and drive the development of the Institute to achieve its strategic aims and deliver world-leading genomic research at a scale few can rival.

Martin Dougherty on the left with Mike Stratton on the right

Sanger Institute, Genome Research Limited