23 Dec 2013

Genetic screening identifies genes driving resistance with a guide RNA library

Researchers have developed a method to create a comprehensive library of mutations across all genes in the mouse genome. This library can be used to examine the role of every gene in different cell types.

21 Dec 2013

A variant that decreases levels of bad fats is 40 times more common in an isolated Cretan population

Researchers have found a key piece of the puzzle as to why an isolated population in Greece may live healthy lives. They have found that a genetic variant known to protect the heart is 40 times more common in this small Greek population than in other European populations.

10 Dec 2013

Identification of a gene that underlies 40 per cent of patients with specific blood cancer leads to better diagnosis tool

Researchers have discovered that the gene CALR is mutated in 40 per cent of patients with a certain group of chronic blood cancers. On the back of this finding, they are now developing a test that will soon be able to catch the vast majority of these blood cancers.

8 Dec 2013

Gene discovered to play a part in 1 per cent of all cancers

Researchers have identified a gene that drives the development of tumours in over one per cent of all cancer patients. This is the first time that the gene CUX1 has been broadly linked to cancer development.

2 Dec 2013

The biological interactions that make some malaria parasites specific to host species

Researchers have discovered why the parasite that causes the deadliest form of malaria only infects humans.

21 Nov 2013

Common anti-fungal drug deactivates protein that protects against flu in mice

Researchers have found that a commonly used anti-fungal treatment increases susceptibility to severe influenza infection in mice. This treatment deactivates an important protein that protects against viral infections such as influenza.

20 Nov 2013

A remarkable man

Fred Sanger, who died on Tuesday 19 November 2013, aged 95, was the quiet giant of genomics, the father of an area of science that we will explore for decades to come.

8 Nov 2013

Fat tissue from twins reveals DNA methylation disease links

In the first in-depth analysis of DNA methylation in fat, a process that affects the regulation of genes, researchers have linked regions of methylation to metabolic traits such as high body mass index (BMI) and obesity.

30 Oct 2013

New method for developing stem cells enables production of liver and pancreatic cells in clinically relevant quantities

Scientists have developed a new method for creating stem cells for the human liver and pancreas. This method could enable both cell types to be grown in sufficient quantities for clinical use.

29 Oct 2013

UK Minister for Universities and Science opens the Technical Hub for bioinformatics

On Monday, 28 October, UK Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts joined key advocates of bioinformatics such as researchers, journalists, editors, and politicians to celebrate the opening of a new Technical Hub for bioinformatics on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus.