12 Apr 2017

Some people are naturally missing one of their 20,000 genes - and sometimes the results can be beneficial, pointing to new drug therapies

In an international collaboration published in Nature, researchers have identified individuals with natural gene-disrupting mutations - who have a gene that has been "knocked out" -  and systematically studied the biological consequences. The project provides a framework for using naturally-occurring genetic variation to gain vaulable insights into how individual genes affect health and disease.

11 Apr 2017

Turning off the same gene in mice can result in different physical changes, despite similar genetic backgrounds

A large-scale study, published in Wellcome Open Research and which passed peer review today (11 April), has shown that inactivating the same gene in mouse embryos that are virtually genetically identical can result in a wide range of different physical features or abnormalities. This suggests that the relationship between gene mutation and consequence is more complex than previously suspected.