20 Oct 2016

The revolutionary award will allow Dr Behjati to focus on finding treatments for childhood cancers without typical research restrictions

The Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award gives Dr Behjati the ability to pursue whatever leads he uncovers, and to focus on discovery and making a difference for patients. Dr Behjati plans to continue his work on understanding the cancer genome – the genetic changes that give rise to childhood cancer. He hopes to explore single cell sequencing technologies to understand where cancer cells come from and what the alternative fate of cancer cells might be. By understanding this path, Dr Behjati believes it might be possible to redirect a cancer cell to become something less harmful.

18 Oct 2016

Researchers have uncovered approximately 500 genes that are essential for cancer cell survival, including more than 200 for which drugs could be designed.

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and their collaborators have adapted a CRISPR gene editing technique and used it to find new therapeutic targets for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).