Rotarod Data for Ankrd13a (MHKL)

Standard Protocol
Rotarod (week 10) (Mice were fed on Mouse Breeder Diet (5021, Labdiet) from weaning): Mice are assessed for motor activity and coordination by rotarod (Bioseb). Three 5 minute trials on a rod constantly accelerating from 4-40rpm are performed with a 15 minute inter-trial interval, and the latency and reason for ending each trial is recorded. The trial is ended when the mouse either falls off the rod, jumps off the rod, or performs a passive rotation (the mouse grasps the surface of the rod and rides around the rod instead of walking on it).
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Test complete and data/resources are available Test is complete and the data are considered interesting Preliminary indication of an interesting phenotype
Test is complete but the data are not considered interesting Test not performed or applicable Test pending
Test abandoned
Parameter Female
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Latency to Fall Trial 1
Latency to Fall Trial 2
Latency to Fall Trial 3