Phenotyping Data for Aldh2 (MDEX) Associated with 'endocrine/exocrine gland' (MP:0005379)

Tail Epidermis Wholemount: Standard Protocol
Tail Epidermis Whole mount Collaboration (week 16) [Mice were fed on Mouse Breeder Diet (5021, Labdiet) from weaning]: Whole mount preparations of tail epidermis are prepared essentially as described by Braun et al (Development 130:5241-5255, 2003). Whole mounts are labeled with antibodies to keratin 14 (red) and keratin 15 (green), and counter-stained with DAPI to reveal cell nuclei (blue). Keratin 14 is expressed by undifferentiated cells in the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and interfollicular epidermis. Keratin 15 is expressed by the reservoir of stem cells in the hair follicle bulge. This phenotyping collaboration is performed with Fiona Watt and colleagues at the Cambridge Research Institute.
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Tail Epidermis Wholemount