Indirect Calorimetry Data for Akap9 (MBFR)

Standard Protocol - significant parameters
Indirect Calorimetry (week 12, male mice prioritised) [Mice were fed on High Fat Diet (21.4% crude fat content, Western RD, 829100, Special Diets Services) from 4 weeks of age]: Respiratory metabolic function is assessed using the LabMaster system (TSE-systems). Mice are housed individually in calorimetry cages for a period of approximately 21 hours including a 5 hour light phase acclimatisation period. This is followed consecutively by a 12 hour dark (19:30 - 07:30) and minimum 3 hour light phase. Cumulative food intake, activity (beam breaks), volume of oxygen consumed and volume of carbon dioxide produced are all measured. From this data the respiratory exchange ratio and energy expenditure are derived. Total VO2, VCO2, activity and energy expenditure refers to an average during the total time period. Water bottles are weighed before and after the experiment to assess water consumption.
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Test complete and data/resources are available Test is complete and the data are considered interesting Preliminary indication of an interesting phenotype
Test is complete but the data are not considered interesting Test not performed or applicable Test pending
Test abandoned
Parameter Male
Graph MP Annotation
Cumulative Food Intake
Water Intake
Respiratory Exchange Ratio
VCO2 view graph MP:0008963 - increased carbon dioxide production
VO2 view graph MP:0005289 - increased oxygen consumption
Energy Expenditure view graph MP:0004889 - increased energy expenditure
Energy Expenditure/Animal
X-Activity Total
X-Activity Ambulatory
Total VCO2
Total VO2
Total X-Activity
Total X-Activity Ambulatory
Total Energy Expenditure/Animal
Total Respiratory Exchange Ratio
Total Food Intake (G)
Total Food Intake (KJ)
Total Food Intake per hour
Total Water Intake
Day VCO2
Day VO2
Day X-Activity
Day X-Activity Ambulatory
Day Energy Expenditure/Animal
Day Respiratory Exchange Ratio
Night VCO2
Night VO2
Night X-Activity
Night X-Activity Ambulatory
Night Energy Expenditure/Animal
Night Respiratory Exchange Ratio
Total Average low RER readings
Total Average high RER readings
Delta RER