Phenotyping Data for Cadm1 (MAMQ) Associated with 'integument' (MP:0010771)

Dysmorphology: Dysmorphology
Dysmorphology (week 9) [Mice were fed on High Fat Diet (21.4% crude fat content, Western RD, 829100, Special Diets Services) from 4 weeks of age]: Whole body morphology is examined using a standardised checklist.
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Test complete and data/resources are available Test is complete and the data are considered interesting Preliminary indication of an interesting phenotype
Test is complete but the data are not considered interesting Test not performed or applicable Test pending
Test abandoned
Parameter Female
Graph MP Annotation
Skin Pigmentation
Skin Condition
Coat Colouration
Coat Texture
Forepaw Nails
Coat Intact
Hindlimb Foot Pads
Hindlimb Nails