Embryo LacZ Expression Data for Ccdc57 (MALA)


Embryo expression (E14.5): The lacZ reporter gene within the targeting vector was used to determine the wholemount expression profile of the targeted gene. Embryos were collected at E14.5 and drop fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde (PFA) for 30 min. After rinsing in PBS, each embryo was sub-dissected to permit penetration of the stain and transferred to lacZ staining solution, containing 0.1% X-gal, for up to 48 hours. After an additional overnight post-staining fixation in 4% PFA, tissues were cleared with 50% glycerol then transferred to 70% glycerol for long-term storage.

Display Criteria

A tick-list indicating if each embryo was scored for the presence (green tick) or absence (red cross) of lacZ expression.

  • The term 'Ambiguous' was assigned when there was uncertainty as to the validity of the observed pattern e.g. staining may be very faint or an artefact due to trapping.
  • The term 'No Data' was assigned if the stained entity was not available to assess.

By default, 4 standard images (lateral, dorsal and ventral aspects and the placenta) may be taken using a Leica MZ16A microscope and Imagic software. These images were only collected when X-gal staining was present.

If information or images that you are interested in are not presented, please send details to MGPenquiries@sanger.ac.uk and, on a limited, first come first served basis, we will process your request.

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  • Tissue: Embryo ED14.5
    Description: Lateral view
    Genotype: Heterozygous
  • Tissue: Embryo ED14.5
    Description: Dorsal view
    Genotype: Heterozygous
  • Tissue: Embryo ED14.5
    Description: Ventral view
    Genotype: Heterozygous
Background LacZ Staining in Embryo - No background LacZ staining detected in day 14.5 embryos
No background LacZ staining is detected in day 14.5 embryos