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References Page

  • Welcome to the references page. This page contains tables of detailed information about each reference associated with a specific gene.
  • There are currently two tables on this page.
    • Curated : This table contains all the references that have had data entered into COSMIC.
    • Listed : The references in this table have been read, but the data has not been entered into COSMIC for one of many reasons.
    • Reviews : These references are reviews of mutation data from other references. They are not enterd into COSMIC as the data has generally been entered via the original papers.
Table Data

The table is arranged to contain a separate reference on each row, with the various data points separated into columns.

  • Title : The title of the reference article.
  • Journal : An abbreviated title of the journal the article was sourced from.
  • Year : The publication year of the journal from which the article was taken.
  • Pages : The page numbers between which the article can be found in the journal.
  • Pubmed ID : This link provides direct access to the article on pubmed.
  • Additional Details : Clicking on this link will provide the user with a summary of the samples found within this reference.

By clicking on the export button you will be able to save the data in a variety of formats, including Excel.

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