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Gene Selection Page

  • Welcome to the gene selection page. This page is used to specify which genes to display.
Genes from the Cancer Gene Census
  • This section contains genes, with and without mutations, from the Cancer Gene Census that have been included in COSMIC.
Other Genes with Mutations
  • The list of all genes in COSMIC that contain mutations, but aren't in the Cancer Gene Census.
Other Genes without Mutations
  • All the genes in COSMIC that do not contain mutations and are not in the Cancer Gene Census.

Use the above sections to choose your selection.

  • Inside the first three sections of the table, there are a number of links to the first letter of a gene. Use these links to find the list of genes that begins with the letter you have chosen.

  • Choose one by clicking the letter that is at the beginning of your gene name.
Chromosome Locations

This section can also be used to choose a gene.

  • Inside the first section of the table, there is an image containing a number of chromosomes. Each of the chromosomes has one or many blue bars across it. The bars represent the approximate location of a non-census gene on the chromosome. The red arrows indicate the location of the genes that have been included in the CGP Census. A pop up window is revealed by moving your mouse pointer over one of the blue bars or red arrows.

  • To access a gene directly, click on one of the names in the drop down menu.
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