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Home Page

  • Welcome to the COSMIC homepage. Here you will find all the information you need to begin your search of the database.
Entry Points

Begin searching COSMIC from the browsing buttons. This will take you to graphical displays of the data, provide more in-depth summaries of the mutations and let you export the information.

Detailed Search

  • Clicking Browse by gene provides a general overview of the mutation pattern of the genes in COSMIC. Select this option if you want to select a gene without subdividing the data by tissue type or histology. In the first instance this will display all the data for the genes that have been selected; however it is possible to stratify the data by tissue at a later point.

  • Clicking Browse by tissue begins the process to query the data in COSMIC. This is done primarily by tissue, then histology and gene if desired.

Quick Search

  • Clicking Browse by tissue provides a list of the tissues available in COSMIC. Choosing one will display an overview for that tissue.

Additional Information

  • Clicking Additional Info. will take you to a page containing miscellaneous information about COSMIC.

  • New genes and other feature improvements will be posted here. So check here often to find out what is happening with COSMIC.

An up to date summary of the contents of COSMIC that will automatically increase as new data is added.

  • Tumours: The total number of tumours reported in the curated references. Each tumour has been screened through 1 or more genes.
  • Mutations: The number of mutations observed in the tumours.
  • References: The total of all the references that have been curated and contain positive or negative data for the gene set.
  • Genes: The number of genes currently stored in COSMIC.
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