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Histology Selection

  • Welcome to the histology selection page. This page is used to decide which histologies you would like to see in the final display.

Displayed here are all the histologies that are associated with the tissue types selected on the previous page. Use this section to choose the histologies that will be displayed.

  • Inside the first section of the table, there are a number of check-boxes accompanied by histology names.

  • Choose as many as are required by ticking inside the box. Each box that has been clicked will display a tick. To unselect a choice click once more inside the same check-box.
Selection Progress
  • The selection progress display indicates the stage at which you are currently located. The highlighted box (surrounded by a red border) is your current position. It is intended as a guide and as such is not used for navigation directly.

All available actions for navigation through the site can be found here.

  • Clicking the Next button will move you to the next selection page, dependent upon your current choices. Selecting nothing and clicking Next will bypass the histology selection.

  • Warning: please note that the functionality of this menu page is variable. Selecting multiple histologies will take you to a page reporting which of your choices have available mutation data, whereas selecting only one histology will take you to a page allowing the further specification of required sub-histologies.
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