Our features explore the science and the people that combine to make the research we do here at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute possible.

We currently have three series of features. The first explores the research and routines of the Sanger Institute's Clinical Fellows; the second marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth by exploring the relevance of evolutionary theory for our research; the final series looks at some of our large scale projects to understand the genetic basis of human health.

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* 2012: Review of the year
20.12.12: Highlights of the Institute's research and activities over the past year
* Life at the sharp end - fighting malaria on its own turf
31.07.12: Sanger Institute International Fellow Aboulaye Djimdé shares his experiences of working at the sharp end in developing countries
* Malaria: one of life's big puzzles
27.01.12: Sammy Assefa hopes to contribute to solving the malaria puzzle
* 2011: Unlocking genomes' secrets
22.12.11: Highlights of the Institute's research and activities over the past year
* World IPv6 Day
11.06.11: Sanger Institute joins World IPv6 Day - a global experiment to trial the next generation of IP addresses
* Flipping cancer's switches
22.11.10: Roland Rad on his PiggyBac journey to expose cancer causing genes
* Happy 10th Birthday, draft of the human genome
25.06.10: People from the Sanger Institute share their memories of unlocking the book of life and their hopes for the future
* Back to basic research
22.12.09: Jenny Hilton, Ear Nose and Throat doctor, describes her motivations as she pursues her PhD training at the Sanger Institute
* Genomic archaeology
01.09.09: Exploring the human genome is enabling us to look back in time at the evolution of humans
* In search of silver bullets
06.07.09: George Vassiliou on his work in the battle against Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

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