Press releases in 2007

6th December
Thirty years on: one human genome a day
Sanger Institute sequence production to increase 60-fold
2nd December
Mutant sperm guide clinicians to new diseases
Disease, DNA, deletions and duplications in human sperm
29th November
Inside DNA
Unique travelling exhibition offers the public a chance to shape future science policy
24th October
Largest ever Alzheimer's gene study underway
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to contribute genotyping
21st October
Major genetic breakthrough for ankylosing spondylitis brings treatment hope
Notes to Editors
17th October
Consortium Publishes Phase II Map of Human Genetic Variation
New map improves power to find variants involved in common diseases; reveals more signs of human evolutionary history
12th October
Cambridge scientists in world's first major genome screen for osteoarthritis
Notes to Editors
9th October
Researchers Expand Efforts to Explore Functional Landscape of the Human Genome
Full-Scale ENCODE Project Will Survey Entire Human Instruction Book
16th September
Genes and disease? It's what you do with what you have
The importance of gene regulation for common human disease
22nd August
Leader in Human Genetics to join Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Professor Leena Peltonen Appointed Head of Human Genetics
6th July
Canadian, British and American scientists launch major new genome partnership to catalogue all common copy number variations
International team focuses on copy number variants in the human genome
17th June
Potent possibilities for parasite attack
New Leishmania genome sequences highlight gene targets for treatment development
13th June
The Wider View from a Detailed Focus
New Project challenges conventional view of genome biology
6th June
Largest ever study of genetics of common diseases
Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and genetics of seven common diseases
23rd May
Botulism bug has few genome wrinkles
Genome of Clostridium botulinum reveals the background to world's deadliest toxin
26th April
Minuscule molecules pack a powerful punch
Mouse microRNA knockout uncovers critical roles in immune system
8th March
Molecular mechanism of learning
Notes to Editors
7th March
Drivers and Passengers on the Road to Cancer
Largest genome study of cancer types finds many mutations
8th February
Which Genome Variants Matter?
Global Survey of the Consequences of small and large DNA variants in our Genome
11th January
Stealth technology maintains fitness after sex
How 'DNA parasites' can increase spread of antibiotic resistance

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