Press releases in 2006

22nd December
Genome Program in the Top Three Computer Science Rankings
10th December
The Weapons in Malaria's Evolutionary Arms Race
A hunt for the parasite genes that fool our defences
24th November
ABC of a Health Problem: Antibiotics, Bacteria and Carriers
Evolution of typhoid bacteria
22nd November
Missing pages from The Book of Life
New map of human genetic variation - International team identifies sites of copy number variation across all human chromosomes
3rd November
Prime Minister praises 'outstanding contribution'
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute cited for excellence
29th October
Towards a Global Map of Epigenetic Variation
Human Epigenome Project generates DNA methylation profiles of three chromosomes
4th October
Sanger Institute Research Strategy
Strategic focus on genetics
24th September
Molecular Tags to catch Common Killers
Definitive resource for mapping of common immune system diseases
7th September
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute receives award from US National Institutes of Health
Funding will generate new resources for biomedical discovery
21st July
Hub genes
Genetic interaction study identifies common modifiers of human disease genes
20th July
Giving worms a taste of their own medicine
New study shows how worms can help screen for new drugs
25th June
Looking for weaknesses in difficult difficile
Cdiff genome highlights the many weapons of this most awkward pathogen
2nd June
Nodules, nitrogen and nature
Rhizobial genome sheds light on biology and evolution
1st June
International collaboration to boost genome research in developing countries
Studying the genomes of the world's major killers
17th May
Genome doesn't start with 'G'
Study of the largest and last chromosome of the human genome published
15th May
Uncovering Gene Functions With A New Vertebrate Model
Genetic screens of Xenopus tropicalis development
21st April
Mammoths Maketh Man
Did northeast Asian populations eat well 30,000 years ago?
21st March
TraceSearch - Seeking among sequences
Sanger Institute's 100-fold faster DNA search engine
10th March
Outsmarting the Smartie Bug
Complete description of pneumococcal vaccine targets
9th March
When Less is More
Losing gene activity can be good for your health
24th February
Antibiotic Resistance Advance in Asia
Growing Resistance of Paratyphoid Fever Bacterium
27th January
Identity Swap
Finding the variants that human history has favoured
18th January
UnMASCing Machines in the Brain
Uncovering the molecular networks at the basis of cognition
17th January
Around the World in 800 Billion Bases
Sanger Institute Genetic Records are World's Biggest
16th January
International Partnership to Sequence the Pig Genome
Two year $10 million project

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