Press releases in 2005

25th December
Sifting through the Genome Baggage
A New Method to Find Important Genome Regions
21st December
Tackling the Basis (and Bases) of Disease
Funding Boost for Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Research
Ubiquitous, Essential ... but Deadly
Genome sequence of fungus reveals its weapons
16th December
Using Maps to Find Managers
Revolutionary new methods to find mutations in disease
26th October
International Consortium Completes Map Of Human Genetic Variation
Major Role for Wellcome Trust Researchers in the Quest to Identify Genes Involved in Common Diseases
14th October
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Extension Opened
Visit by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has major role in EU initiative to understand the genetic make-up of human diseases
EU commits €13M to study genetic make-up of complex diseases
28th September
Researchers set to find 'genetic signposts' for eight diseases
The Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC)
11th August
A giant among viruses could delay ageing and the effects of terminal diseases
Genome of a viral leviathan
14th July
Triple Disease Sequencing
Code to killers of 150,000
30th June
Cattle Parasite Code Cracked
Theileria genome is another step towards reducing disease burden in Africa
5th May
The Constitution of a New Model Army
Genome basis of working together for a common good
4th May
The cryptic past of Madagascar
Human inhabitants of Madagascar are genetically unique
3rd May
New insights into Chlamydial Infection
Genome decoded of sheep pathogen
4th April
Deletion, Duplication and Detail
Uncovering Variation in the Human Genomes
16th March
What Sex did to the X - and Why
A chromosome account of evolution and revolution
What Sex did to the X - and Why
Additional information
3rd March
Genome centres combine forces to validate a gene set for biomedical research
Consensus CoDing Sequence - CCDS
23rd February
DNA of the tissue destroyer
Genome clues to amoebic dysentery
3rd February
COSMIC First Anniversary
Milestone for Cancer Mutation Catalogue

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