Press releases in 2002

5th December
The Measure Of Man
7th November
Plans to extend leading Genome Campus get go-ahead
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7th October
Sir John Sulston awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
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3rd October
Double Success In Fight Against Malaria
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5th August
Maps Of Mice - And Men
International consortium maps 98% of the mouse genome
9th June
Scientists Identify Gene Involved In 70 Percent Of Melanomas
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13th May
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's Director Honoured: Allan Bradley Elected to Royal Society
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9th May
Scientists sequence Nature's antibiotic factory
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6th May
International Team of Researchers Assembles Draft Sequence of Mouse Genome
Ninety-six percent of mouse genome sequenced; Results freely available in public databases on Internet
16th April
Wellcome Trust Proposal To Extend Genome Campus
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20th March
MHC Haplotype Consortium Web Resource
Notes to Editors:
1st March
The complete genome of Mycobacterium bovis has been sequenced
A step forward in the fight against bovine tuberculosis: The complete genome of Mycobacterium bovis has been sequenced
21st February
Humble yeast to help tackle cancer
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