Your first day

On this page we will tell you what you need to bring on your first day, where you should go, what you can expect on your first day and some useful tips on the dress code and how to address people.

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What to bring

Bring your passport or some other ID as proof of eligibility to work in the UK. Someone in Human Resources will then make a copy of your passport or other ID.

What happens on your first day

You will need to go to the Security reception, the building on the left before the security gates, and announce yourself. You also have to do so when you take the campus bus to the Institute. In case you come by car security will tell you where to park. They will give you a map to indicate that you next need to go to Sulston reception. Register at Sulston reception and wait to be collected for the morning's induction programme.

The Induction Process

During the morning induction programme you will receive information on:

  • Security on the campus
  • Health and Safety, including Occupational Health
  • The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute - its achievements, history and structure
  • IT and Systems
  • The Sanger Institute Staff Association

The Institute's informal approach

The Institute operates in an extremely collaborative and informal manner where individuals are referred to by their first name rather than title (Dr, Professor etc) and the dress code reflects this informality.

Dress code

People working in Corporate Services/Administration are expected to dress smart/casual and everybody else wears casual dress. For health and safety reasons, you should note that only closed footwear is permitted in laboratory areas.

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