Moving to Work at the Sanger Institute

Living in and around Cambridge

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is located on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in the grounds of Hinxton Hall, nestled in quiet countryside in landscaped gardens adjacent to a wetland reserve, approximately 9 miles from Cambridge City Centre. In addition to Cambridge there are located around the area several large villages and three towns. Information on these can be found by following these links:

Housing, Legal and School information

More information on finding accommodation, paying local authority fees, organising utilities and arranging schooling for children is available below the map.


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Buying a house in and around Cambridge can be expensive when compared to other parts of the UK - Estate Agents however property prices are more affordable in the surrounding towns and villages.

To secure a rented property, you need to pay a deposit in advance. This can be as much as two months' rent. For more information on renting in the Cambridgeshire area, please visit: Cambridge County Council advice.

A number of property websites are available to help you to find houses for sale or rent, one such property website is: and flatshares at

Letting Agents

Hotels, Lodgings and B&Bs

You may prefer to stay in a hotel, lodgings or bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation while you search for a suitable property. If so, the Cambridge Tourist Information centre offers a list of such accommodation on its website:

Council Tax

Council tax is paid to the local authority. With rented properties, the amount is sometimes included in the rent, but this needs to be checked before you sign the lease. The amount of council tax varies depending on the value and location of the property.

There is a reduction of 25% for households with only one non-student or for people living on their own.

Registered full-time students are exempt. If there is anyone in the household who is not a student, the household becomes liable for this tax. Check this with the local Council Tax office.

Local Authorities


Water and Sewerage

There are two ways that local water companies charge for water supplies. One is a standard monthly charge the other is through metering of water usage. Check out what you are expected to pay if renting. Sewerage services are normally charged at a standard rate which can be paid on a monthly basis.

Water is likely to be supplied by Cambridge Water Company or Anglian Water Service Ltd.

Electricity & Gas

Most utility companies can supply both and there are many of them. Charge rates vary enormously so shop around for a supplier.

Check value on OFGEM, the industry regulator.

Telephone and Internet

There are many local suppliers: BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk but other suppliers may be available depending on your telephone network access.

Internet Connections
There are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Some charge nothing and you pay for phone calls to connect. Others charge a flat monthly fee with connection calls free of charge.

Local Schools

To obtain information on local schools follow these links:

The Ofsted website can provide information on the performance of all schools.

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