MCMS - Mouse Colony Management System

MCMS - Mouse Colony Management System

MCMS - Mouse Colony Management System


MCMS is a fully-hosted and supported web delivered database (LIMS) for tracking mouse colonies and experimental data. It is currently in use by seven external UK-based Institutes* and the Wellcome Sanger Institute.







*All logos shown with the express permission of the institute

The database features comprehensive animal tracking over a number of modules that support different facility and operational areas shown in the digram below. In addition to these, the database offers...

  • Searchable gene repository
    • Internally created models
    • Externally produced models
    • Linked to external databases and resources
    • Definable by allele
  • Production and archiving
    • Able to track genetic modifications through ES cells or CRISPR microinjection
    • Provide capability to critique current practices and develop new strategies
    • Allow the archiving and recovery of cryopreserved lines
  • Colony management
    • Capable of individually identifying each animal and colony
    • Ability to track all relevant data e.g. Matings/procedural activity/pedigree
    • Licensed procedure tracking (who, where, when and to which animal)
    • Provide reports on colony progression and data to support home office returns
  • Experimental Data capture
    • Create and follow SOP’s for procedural activities
    • Capture of experimental data
    • Allow direct comparison of data from GM and wild type animals

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IT benefits of the system

  • There is clear return for the users (essential to drive adoption)
  • Centralised tracking
    • Integrated
    • Comprehensive
    • Powerful and extensible report generation
  • One definitive location for information
    • not a patchwork system
  • Low deployment cost
    • Web delivered application
    • Cheap ‘terminals’ in animal rooms
    • Scalable as the facility grows
  • High reliability
    • Oracle database with clustering (high availability)
    • Comprehensive backup with off site archive.

Download and Installation

The system is offered as 'Software as a Service' via an annual fee. All dedicated helpdesk support, IT and infrastructure for the system are included in the price and the system is offered in full (no fee for additional modules). For futher details on pricing and system capabilities, please contact David Gannon (Head of Mouse Informatics Group) or Michelle Dignam (Customer Relationship Manager)