Web, Core Bioinformatics and Software Action Team | Information Communications Technology

Web, Core Bioinformatics and Software Action Team | Information Communications Technology

Web, Core Bioinformatics and Software Action Team

Core Software ServicesSanger Institute, Genome Research Limited

Our Research and Approach

Core Software Services encompasses: the Core Sanger Web Team; Core Bioinformatics (CoreBio); SoftWare Action Team (SWAT) and the Decipher Web Team at the Sanger Institute. As a group the team is involved in the day to day service provision and maintenance of the 50 plus public domains at the Sanger Institute including www.sanger.ac.uk and for developing and realising software projects to deliver the in silico science produced by the various Faculty teams.

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Dr Paul Bevan, MBCS
Group Leader

I manage and oversee the provision of core software services at the Sanger Institute.

Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

Partners and Funders

We partner with other academic institutes mainly at the consortium level. All our core activities are funded by the Wellcome Trust with some consortia projects funded by biomedical charities.
External Partners and Funders


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