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  • Identification of region-specific astrocyte subtypes at single cell resolution.

    Batiuk MY, Martirosyan A, Wahis J, de Vin F, Marneffe C et al.

    Nature communications 2020;11;1;1220

  • Biologically indeterminate yet ordered promiscuous gene expression in single medullary thymic epithelial cells.

    Dhalla F, Baran-Gale J, Maio S, Chappell L, Holländer GA and Ponting CP

    The EMBO journal 2020;39;1;e101828

  • Single-Cell Multiomics: Multiple Measurements from Single Cells.

    Macaulay IC, Ponting CP and Voet T

    Trends in genetics : TIG 2017;33;2;155-168

  • Parallel single-cell sequencing links transcriptional and epigenetic heterogeneity.

    Angermueller C, Clark SJ, Lee HJ, Macaulay IC, Teng MJ et al.

    Nature methods 2016;13;3;229-232

  • G&T-seq: parallel sequencing of single-cell genomes and transcriptomes.

    Macaulay IC, Haerty W, Kumar P, Li YI, Hu TX et al.

    Nature methods 2015;12;6;519-22