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Human Cell Atlas Group

Our Research and Approach

The International Human Cell Atlas initiative aims to create comprehensive reference maps of all human cells—the fundamental units of life—as a basis for both understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease. We are undertaking research to develop, optimise and assess the performance of key enabling experimental and computational technologies that will underly this large international effort. We are also working to generate data from pilot projects that will begin to form the first draft of the Atlas. We work in collaboration with research groups within the Wellcome Sanger Institute as well as in EMBL-EBI on the Hinxton Campus.

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Meyer, Kerstin
Dr Kerstin Meyer
Group Leader

Kerstin Meyer is a principal staff scientist in cellular genetics, working with the Teichmann group and leading Human Cell Atlas projects within the Sanger Institute. Kerstin is using her expertise in molecular biology and transcriptional regulation of gene expression to lead extended pilot studies for data generation for the Human Cell Atlas.

Aldridge, Sarah

Dr Sarah Aldridge
Head of Science Strategy & Planning for Cellular Genetics Programme

Andrew, Tracey

Andrew, Tracey
Tracey Andrew
Executive Administrator Human Cell Atlas

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