Cellular Generation and Phenotyping | Scientific Operations

Cellular Generation and Phenotyping | Scientific Operations

Cellular Generation and Phenotyping

Cellular Generation and Phenotyping group 2019, Wellcome Sanger Institute
Cellular Generation and Phenotyping group 2019, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Our Research and Approach

The Cellular Generation and Phenotyping (CGaP) core facility provides central cell biology support to the Sanger Institute. CGaP takes a unique approach at the institute by partnering with faculty groups in order to deliver the scale-up of existing protocols to facilitate 'Science at Scale'. We function as a contract research group for the institute, running multiple, distinct cell biology based projects. The facility has expertise in cell derivation from primary tissue, iPSC and organoid derivation, cellular differentiation, CRISPR library screening, functional bioassays, phenotypic assays and end point analysis (e.g. Immunocytochemistry).

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Dr Rachel Nelson
Group Leader

Head of CGaP, Cellular Generation & Phenotyping Core Facility

Govan, Ceri

Govan, Ceri
Ceri Govan
Principal Technical Assistant
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Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

The team are currently involved with a number of major projects at the Sanger Institute including Human Cancer Model Initiative (HCMI), Deciphering Developmental Disorders (DDD) and Human Cell Atlas.

Programmes, Associate Research Programmes and Facilities

Partners and Funders

Internal Partners
External Partners and Funders


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