Scientific and IT Facilities

Scientific and IT Facilities

The high-throughput, large-scale biological research undertaken at the Wellcome Sanger Institute is a central defining characteristic distinguishing our science from that of most research institutes and universities. Carrying out science at this scale is critically dependent upon the existence of major core facilities and platforms organised into complex pipelines. These require substantial infrastructure, expert organisation and professional management.

Scientific Operations at the Wellcome Sanger Institute

Scientific Operations

The Sanger Institute's data production platforms are organised into a single management structure. This ensures that we have refined processes and ensures that we have appropriate levels of investment and manning, with robust forward-planning and realistic targets.

The major core facilities are:

The activities of each major core facility in Scientific Operations are overseen and advised on by a Committee of Faculty with relevant interest and expertise.

Scientific Operations is led by Cordelia Langford, who is responsible for overseeing the work of all Scientific Operations teams and managing the department's strategic interface with the research customer base.

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Computational and Information Technology at the Sanger Institute

IT Facilities

The IT infrastructure at the Sanger Institute is one of the most extensive in the life sciences and is led by the Director of ICT, Paul Woobey. It supports the entire workflow of data through the Institute, from data generation to storage in databases and archival systems, research analysis by Faculty teams and publication on our website.

To service the demand from DNA sequencing and analysis, the Institute has 55 petabytes of online storage which is increasing at about 30 per cent annually. The Institute has several high-performance Linux compute clusters with a total capacity of 35,000 CPU cores.

The facility is housed in the Wellcome Genome Campus Data Centre which the Sanger Institute IT teams continually maintain, support and upgrade in response to demands from all teams and organisations across the Genome Campus.

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