Computational and Information Technology

Computational and Information Technology

The IT infrastructure at the Sanger Institute is one of the most extensive in the life sciences and is led by the Director of ICT, Paul Woobey.

The teams include Database Services, Informatics Support, Infrastructure Management and the Web, Core Bioinformatics and Software Action Team.

It supports the entire workflow of data through the Institute, from data generation to storage in databases and archival systems, research analysis by Faculty teams and publication on our website. To service the demand from DNA sequencing and analysis, the Institute has 55 petabytes of online storage which is increasing at about 30 per cent annually. The Institute has several high performance Linux compute clusters with a total capacity of 35,000 CPU cores. The facility is housed in the Genome Campus Data Centre which the Sanger Institute IT teams continually maintain, support and upgrade in response to demands from all teams and organisations across the Genome Campus.

Our High Performance Computing (supercomputing) environment is recognised as World Class and we aim to provide First Class Production Platforms and Services for the institute. However, we do recognise that with each Sanger quinquennial research plan (five year plan) this will bring a number of new challenges for IT at the Sanger. Sanger IT caters for the increasing scale of science that is possible through decreasing costs and higher throughput from sequencing - which on average doubles our data and computational requirements every five years. Our data centre aims to operate at 80 - 90 per cent capacity. New capacity was added to the data centre in Q2 2018 with the opening of the fourth quadrant resulting in all quadrants of the data centre now being utilised.

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