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SORL1 is genetically associated with late-onset Alzheimer's disease in Japanese, Koreans and Caucasians.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
apoeb APOE ENSDARG00000040295 1 Not determined 42
bcl3 BCL3 ENSDARG00000087832 4 Not determined 1
ceacam1 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000041119 2 Not determined 1
cxcr3.1 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000078177 None Not determined 1
LOC560512 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000077419 None Not determined 9
LOC560816 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000062831 None Not determined 9
pvrl2l PVRL2 ENSDARG00000063390 1 Not determined 9
pvrl4 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000094356 None Not determined 9
si:ch211-141e20.2 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000093349 None Not determined 9
si:ch211-214p13.3 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000087403 1 Not determined 9
si:ch211-222f23.6 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000042880 1 Not determined 9
si:ch211-264f5.6 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000079372 2 Not determined 1
si:dkey-11o1.2 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000095772 None Not determined 1
si:dkey-11o1.3 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000093279 1 Not determined 1
si:dkey-250k15.10 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000092520 None Not determined 1
si:dkey-250k15.7 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000095048 None Not determined 1
si:dkey-250k15.9 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000095134 None Not determined 1
si:dkey-281i8.1 PVRL2 ENSDARG00000069936 None Not determined 9
SORL1 SORL1 ENSDARG00000013892 7 Normal 2
tomm40 TOMM40 ENSDARG00000092112 1 Not determined 23
tomm40l TOMM40 ENSDARG00000036721 None Not determined 23
zgc:110064 APOE ENSDARG00000086370 1 Not determined 42
zgc:198329 CEACAM16 ENSDARG00000076981 1 Not determined 1

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • PPP1R37