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Genome-wide association study of antiphospholipid antibodies.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
cfl1l DSTN ENSDARG00000012972 1 Not determined 1
LOC100001191 DYNLRB2 ENSDARG00000089952 None Not determined 2
LOC100331241 FAM176A ENSDARG00000067927 None Not determined 2
mical3 MICAL3 ENSDARG00000021979 5 Not determined 2
myo16 MYO16 ENSDARG00000078582 3 Not determined 5
PDE1C (2 of 2) PDE1C ENSDARG00000067683 3 Not determined 2
PDE1C (1 of 2) PDE1C ENSDARG00000012490 3 Not determined 2
pelo PELO ENSDARG00000055477 1 Not determined 2
sestd1 SESTD1 ENSDARG00000040614 5 Not determined 1
SGIP1 SGIP1 ENSDARG00000077269 3 Not determined 2
si:ch1073-75o15.3 FAM176A ENSDARG00000095741 None Not determined 2
si:ch1073-75o15.4 FAM176A ENSDARG00000094478 None Not determined 2
si:ch211-145c1.1 FAM176A ENSDARG00000042063 2 Not determined 2
si:ch73-25f10.1 FAM176A ENSDARG00000092566 2 Not determined 2
si:dkey-241o6.2 LCA5 ENSDARG00000076153 7 Normal 2
si:dkey-90l23.1 FAM176A ENSDARG00000092057 None Not determined 2
si:dkey-90l23.2 FAM176A ENSDARG00000086529 3 Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-27e10.1 MICAL3 ENSDARG00000094732 1 Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-46h3.2 FAM176A ENSDARG00000092498 1 Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-46h3.3 FAM176A ENSDARG00000092887 None Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-46h3.5 FAM176A ENSDARG00000089515 None Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-46h3.6 FAM176A ENSDARG00000087363 3 Not determined 2
si:dkeyp-46h3.8 FAM176A ENSDARG00000093704 2 Not determined 2
tank TANK ENSDARG00000090402 1 Not determined 5
TANK (1 of 2) TANK ENSDARG00000067723 None Not determined 5
zgc:113984 FAM176A ENSDARG00000094616 None Not determined 2
zgc:136410 FAM176A ENSDARG00000040574 None Not determined 2
zgc:153298 FAM176A ENSDARG00000061405 1 Not determined 2
zgc:153499 FAM176A ENSDARG00000070166 None Not determined 2
zgc:171776 FAM176A ENSDARG00000032156 None Not determined 2

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • FLJ42392