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A meta-analysis and genome-wide association study of platelet count and mean platelet volume in african americans.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
bad BAD ENSDARG00000054937 None Not determined 2
BAD (2 of 2) BAD ENSDARG00000087993 None Not determined 2
BAK1 (2 of 2) BAK1 ENSDARG00000089995 None Not determined 7
baxb BAK1 ENSDARG00000030881 None Not determined 7
cd36 CD36 ENSDARG00000032639 2 Not determined 3
cmyb MYB ENSDARG00000053666 2 Not determined 12
hbs1l HBS1L ENSDARG00000036778 1 Not determined 11
jmjd1c JMJD1C ENSDARG00000079939 5 Not determined 11
LOC100004576 TAOK1 ENSDARG00000069603 1 Not determined 4
LOC100334915 TAOK1 ENSDARG00000089925 None Not determined 4
LOC558552 TUBB1 ENSDARG00000053066 1 Not determined 2
LOC571586 JMJD1C ENSDARG00000077805 10 Not determined 11
si:ch1073-210b3.2 LRRC16A ENSDARG00000077661 1 Not determined 3
si:rp71-17i16.5 PIK3CG ENSDARG00000037527 1 Not determined 5
slmo2 SLMO2 ENSDARG00000009505 None Not determined 1
tpm3 TPM4 ENSDARG00000005162 4 Not determined 2
zgc:112307 TAOK1 ENSDARG00000077159 1 Not determined 4
zgc:153993 BAK1 ENSDARG00000068102 None Not determined 7
zgc:77033 PIK3CG ENSDARG00000017757 2 Not determined 5
zgc:85777 ACAD10 ENSDARG00000027009 2 Normal 3