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Genome-wide pharmacogenomic study of neurocognition as an indicator of antipsychotic treatment response in schizophrenia.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
ankrd33aa ANKRD33 ENSDARG00000055638 1 Not determined 1
anks1b ANKS1B ENSDARG00000003512 5 Not determined 7
cdkn3 CDKN3 ENSDARG00000039130 1 Not determined 2
chst8 CHST8 ENSDARG00000044577 1 Normal 3
CHST8 (1 of 2) CHST8 ENSDARG00000074560 None Not determined 3
cldn1 CLDN1 ENSDARG00000040045 None Not determined 1
drd2a DRD2 ENSDARG00000056926 2 Not determined 2
drd2b DRD2 ENSDARG00000011091 2 Not determined 2
drd2l DRD2 ENSDARG00000014858 1 Not determined 2
ehf EHF ENSDARG00000052115 None Not determined 5
GPR137B (2 of 2) GPR137B ENSDARG00000077608 None Not determined 1
LOC100001171 GPR137B ENSDARG00000078448 1 Not determined 1
LOC569518 ANKRD33 ENSDARG00000002508 1 Not determined 1
lyz LYZL4 ENSDARG00000057789 None Not determined 1
map3k9 MAP3K9 ENSDARG00000013491 5 Not determined 1
pid1 PID1 ENSDARG00000040315 1 Not determined 2
prkcz PRKCZ ENSDARG00000043332 5 Not determined 2
si:ch211-175f11.2 ITSN2 ENSDARG00000054973 10 Not determined 1
si:ch211-197l9.5 HUNK ENSDARG00000086679 1 Not determined 3
si:ch211-209p5.2 LPHN3 ENSDARG00000061121 6 Not determined 3
si:dkey-189i22.2 HUNK ENSDARG00000091317 None Not determined 3
si:dkey-266k12.1 ITSN2 ENSDARG00000000161 9 Not determined 1
wwox WWOX ENSDARG00000007614 4 Not determined 9
zgc:91910 ZNF706 ENSDARG00000035678 None Not determined 1
zgc:92624 ZNF706 ENSDARG00000056307 None Not determined 1

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • IL1A
  • SLC26A9
  • ZFP90