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Common variants at 2q37.3, 8q24.21, 15q21.3 and 16q24.1 influence chronic lymphocytic leukemia risk.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
A0JMB2_DANRE NEDD4 ENSDARG00000039778 4 Not determined 3
cxxc1 CXXC1 ENSDARG00000025718 None Not determined 1
cxxc1l CXXC1 ENSDARG00000016187 1 Not determined 1
FARP2 FARP2 ENSDARG00000016429 5 Not determined 1
irf8 IRF8 ENSDARG00000056407 None Not determined 9
LOC560368 RFX7 ENSDARG00000077237 2 Not determined 1
LOC573829 CPEB1 ENSDARG00000053117 None Not determined 1
mbd1 MBD1 ENSDARG00000025699 7 Not determined 1
MBD1 (2 of 2) MBD1 ENSDARG00000088407 1 Not determined 1
NEDD4 (2 of 2) NEDD4 ENSDARG00000091747 None Not determined 3
RFX7 (2 of 2) RFX7 ENSDARG00000074522 2 Not determined 1
zgc:194449 CPEB1 ENSDARG00000045932 None Not determined 1
zorba CPEB1 ENSDARG00000008454 1 Not determined 1