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Germline genomic variants associated with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
ARID5B ARID5B ENSDARG00000037196 2 Not determined 7
ddc DDC ENSDARG00000016494 1 Not determined 2
ikzf1 IKZF1 ENSDARG00000013539 4 Not determined 10
kcne4 KCNE4 ENSDARG00000068257 None Not determined 2
kcnmb2 KCNMB2 ENSDARG00000006568 None Not determined 3
LOC796753 KCNMB2 ENSDARG00000001712 3 Not determined 3
pard3 PARD3 ENSDARG00000010583 10 Not determined 4
PARD3 (2 of 2) PARD3 ENSDARG00000091238 2 Not determined 4
RYR2 (1 of 3) RYR2 ENSDARG00000056058 1 Not determined 5
ryr2a RYR2 ENSDARG00000079171 1 Not determined 5
ryr2b RYR2 ENSDARG00000003706 1 Not determined 5
si:ch73-138e16.6 ZNF230 ENSDARG00000074789 1 Not determined 1
tigara C12orf5 ENSDARG00000051749 4 Not determined 3
tigarb C12orf5 ENSDARG00000045858 None Not determined 3
zgc:158706 ARID5B ENSDARG00000069988 None Not determined 7
zgc:77151 ARID5B ENSDARG00000054307 1 Not determined 7

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • KRTHB5
  • OR2C3
  • SIAT7C