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Genome-wide association study of blood pressure and hypertension.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
atp2b1a ATP2B1 ENSDARG00000012684 2 Not determined 6
atp2b1b ATP2B1 ENSDARG00000007788 7 Not determined 6
cacnb2a CACNB2 ENSDARG00000079906 1 Not determined 8
cacnb2b CACNB2 ENSDARG00000055565 3 Not determined 8
casz1 CASZ1 ENSDARG00000037030 4 Normal 2
CSK (2 of 2) CSK ENSDARG00000067996 None Not determined 4
cyp17a1 CYP17A1 ENSDARG00000033566 3 Not determined 7
cyp17a2 CYP17A1 ENSDARG00000053966 None Not determined 7
EDN3 (1 of 2) EDN3 ENSDARG00000070925 None Not determined 3
im:7149628 MSRA ENSDARG00000055270 1 Not determined 6
LOC100334188 TBX3 ENSDARG00000061509 None Not determined 8
NP_001071067.1 CSK ENSDARG00000070805 1 Not determined 4
plekha7 PLEKHA7 ENSDARG00000060813 4 Not determined 3
plekha7b PLEKHA7 ENSDARG00000062220 9 Not determined 3
SH2B3 (1 of 2) SH2B3 ENSDARG00000069958 None Not determined 19
si:ch211-101b18.1 ULK4 ENSDARG00000004176 8 Normal 3
si:dkey-211h10.1 EDN3 ENSDARG00000086669 1 Not determined 3
si:dkey-221h15.1 MSRA ENSDARG00000029587 3 Not determined 6
si:dkeyp-1e8.2 SH2B3 ENSDARG00000093095 None Not determined 19
tbx16 TBX3 ENSDARG00000007329 None Not determined 8
tbx3 TBX3 ENSDARG00000002216 5 Normal 8
tbx5a TBX5 ENSDARG00000024894 None Not determined 10
tbx5b TBX5 ENSDARG00000092060 None Not determined 10
tbx6 TBX3 ENSDARG00000006939 1 Not determined 8
ULK3 ULK3 ENSDARG00000075200 2 Not determined 4
zgc:195317 ZNF831 ENSDARG00000074906 4 Not determined 3

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • MDS1