(GWAS data used on the Zebrafish Mutation Project Web site comes from

Genome-wide association yields new sequence variants at seven loci that associate with measures of obesity.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
atp2a1 ATP2A1 ENSDARG00000020574 3 Not determined 1
atp2a1l ATP2A1 ENSDARG00000035458 4 Normal 1
bcdin3d BCDIN3D ENSDARG00000074111 1 Not determined 2
bdnf BDNF ENSDARG00000018817 1 Not determined 5
chst8 CHST8 ENSDARG00000044577 1 Normal 3
CHST8 (1 of 2) CHST8 ENSDARG00000074560 None Not determined 3
etv5a ETV5 ENSDARG00000069763 3 Not determined 3
fto FTO ENSDARG00000044216 3 Not determined 32
im:7147241 SEC16B ENSDARG00000052046 8 Not determined 5
KCTD15 KCTD15 ENSDARG00000058255 None Not determined 5
kctd15a KCTD15 ENSDARG00000045893 None Not determined 5
LOC100006044 FAIM2 ENSDARG00000039444 None Not determined 4
mc4r MC4R ENSDARG00000015515 3 2 normal 14
negr1 NEGR1 ENSDARG00000021607 1 Not determined 6
NEGR1 (2 of 2) NEGR1 ENSDARG00000091309 None Not determined 6
ntm NEGR1 ENSDARG00000018065 1 Not determined 6
sh2b1 SH2B1 ENSDARG00000057679 3 Not determined 4
si:ch211-198i20.2 RASAL2 ENSDARG00000036257 1 Not determined 3
si:dkey-189g17.3 DGKG ENSDARG00000062696 8 Normal 1
zgc:101011 TMEM18 ENSDARG00000036704 None Not determined 7
zgc:110143 FAIM2 ENSDARG00000038784 4 Not determined 4

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • AIF1
  • NCR3
  • SFRS10
  • SFRS10