(GWAS data used on the Zebrafish Mutation Project Web site comes from

Genetics meets metabolomics: a genome-wide association study of metabolite profiles in human serum.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
atp2b2 ATP2B2 ENSDARG00000063433 None Not determined 1
fgf12 FGF12 ENSDARG00000027957 None Not determined 3
GPC5 GPC5 ENSDARG00000088858 1 Not determined 9
id:ibd5037 SV2B ENSDARG00000063456 None Not determined 1
lipc LIPC ENSDARG00000053476 2 Not determined 24
LIPC (2 of 2) LIPC ENSDARG00000090486 None Not determined 24
park2 PARK2 ENSDARG00000021555 1 Not determined 4
plek PLEK ENSDARG00000017298 1 Not determined 4
si:ch211-123f21.1 PARK2 ENSDARG00000091973 None Not determined 4
si:ch211-272n13.3 ANKRD30A ENSDARG00000013015 3 Not determined 4
si:dkey-236e20.9 GPC5 ENSDARG00000024588 2 Not determined 9
sv2b SV2B ENSDARG00000090540 None Not determined 1
SV2B (1 of 3) SV2B ENSDARG00000060711 None Not determined 1
zgc:153120 FGF12 ENSDARG00000062542 None Not determined 3
zgc:158677 SV2B ENSDARG00000057427 5 Not determined 1

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • A2BP1
  • C6orf71
  • FADS1