Ensembl ID:
CDK5 and ABL1 enzyme substrate 1 [Source:RefSeq peptide;Acc:NP_001099135]
Human Orthologue:
Human Description:
Cdk5 and Abl enzyme substrate 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25097]
Mouse Orthologue:
Mouse Description:
CDK5 and Abl enzyme substrate 1 Gene [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1927065]


There is 1 allele of this gene:

Allele name Consequence Status Availability Estimate
sa30379 Essential Splice Site Mutation detected in F1 DNA During 2018

Mutation Details

Allele Name:
Current Status:
Mutation detected in F1 DNA
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We currently estimate that this allele will be available during 2018.
T > A
Essential Splice Site
Transcript ID Consequence Amino Acid Affected Amino Acid Total Exon Affected Exon Total
ENSDART00000089207 Essential Splice Site 227 525 3 10
Genomic Location (Zv9):
Chromosome Zv9_scaffold3540 (position 56947)
Other Location(s):
Assembly Chromosome Position
GRCz10 2 4484717
GRCz11 2 4325666
KASP Assay ID:
None (used for ordering genotyping assays from LGC Genomics)
KASP Sequence:
Flanking Sequence:
Associated Phenotype:
Not determined


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