CGP Software


The use of systematic screening methods to find the various classes of mutations implicated in cancer is now generating vast amounts of data.

As part of the Caner Genome Project we have developed an array of tools to help in the analysis and storage of this data. Much of the code written by the group can be used or adapted by others so we are beginning to make software available from this site.

Software pages

  • BioView - Mutation detection software
  • AutoCSA - Mutation detection software
  • DbCon - Database pooling, distributed configuration and SQL Libraries for Java
  • GRAFT - Genomic Rearrangement Assembly For Tumours (an algorithm to time rearrangements)
  • PICNIC - SNP6 Copy number segmentation tool
  • ASCAT - Allele-Specific Copy number Analysis of Tumors
  • RNA Architect - A mini analysis pipeline for transcriptome reconstruction in cancer
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