Global Health Research

The Sanger Institute is committed to building partnerships and research programmes that enable researchers and residents of developing countries to share in the benefits of genomic research

The developing world faces an overwhelming burden of health problems from infectious disease. As westernised lifestyles are adopted, there is also the challenge of rapidly increasing rates of non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Genomic-based approaches have revolutionised the investigation of genetic disease in the developed world, but these new approaches have been slower to be adopted in other areas due to global inequalities in access and resources. The Sanger Institute has a firm commitment to redressing these imbalances by working collaboratively with researchers and institutions in low-income countries and helping them to build genomic knowledge, expertise and resources. We aim to drive forward genomic research in developing countries by:

  • Using genomic approaches to global health through our research projects that investigate the genetic basis of diseases of importance to low-income countries
  • Promoting global partnerships for collaborative work on global health in order to drive large-scale projects and strengthen capacity and communication between researchers
  • Strengthening expertise in genome research in developing countries by supporting people through the provision of resources, opportunities for training and development and investment in leading researchers in Africa such as our International Fellows.



PartnershipsPartnerships to tackle global health challenges through sharing resources, expertise and experience



ResearchInvestigating the genetic basis of diseases of importance to developing countries



PeopleKey Sanger Institute Faculty, International Fellows and trainees involved in global health research


Training and conferences

Training and conferencesCourses, workshops and conferences to strengthen and share expertise in genome research for global health


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