Previous Faculty

After the completion of the Human Genome Project, the Institute recruited a Faculty of researchers to bring their unique hypotheses to the newly available human genome reference sequence.

Our Faculty has since grown and changed shape. Previous members have developed their research in other world-class centres around the globe, often maintaining close collaboration with the Sanger Institute. This page provides information and email addresses for previous members.

Name Date Current affiliation or status Current web address
Bähler, Jürg 2008 Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment and UCL Cancer Institute, University College London Bähler laboratory
Barrell, Bart 2010 Retired
Bateman, Alex 2012 EBI Profile Profile (archive)
Project (archive)
Beck, Stephan 2007 UCL Cancer Institute, University College London Beck laboratory
Carter, Nigel 2012 Retired Profile (Archive)
Deloukas, Panos 2013 Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics at the William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University London Profile (Archive)
Project (Archive), William Harvey Research Institute
Dermitzakis, Emmanouil 2009 Population Genomics and Genetics of Complex Traits, University of Geneva Dermitzakis laboratory
Enright, Anton 2008 European Bioinformatics Institute Enright laboratory
Everett, Lorraine 2007 Clinical post, London
Fraser, Andrew 2008 Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto Fraser laboratory
Grant, Seth 2011 The Division of Clinical Neurosciences, School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh Profile (archive)
Project (archive)
Hubbard, Tim 2013 Professor of Bioinformatics and Head of Department, Professor of Bioinformatics at King's College London, and Head of Bioinformatics at Genomics England Profile (archive)
Project (archive), King's College, London
McCafferty, John 2007 Cell Interaction Group, University of Cambridge McCafferty laboratory
Peltonen, Leena 2010 Deceased (March 2010) Profile (archive)
Project (archive)
Rogers, Jane 2007 The Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, UK
Ross, Mark 2007 Illumina Cambridge Ltd.
Shaw-Smith, Charles 2010 Peninsula Medical School/Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust
Tannahill, David 2008 Translational Medicine, Cranfield University
Vetrie, David 2007 Division of Cancer Sciences and Molecular Pathology University of Glasgow
Wain, John 2008 Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Pathogens, HPA Centre for Infections Wain laboratory
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