Dr David Adams

David uses DNA sequencing of patients and genetic screens in human cells and mice to identify cancer genes and genetic interactions.

David graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science in 1996 having specialised in pathology, haematology and molecular genetics. He worked in clinical diagnostic laboratories before moving to the Department of Physiology at the University of Sydney to undertake a PhD with Professor Brian Morris, which was completed in 2001. David then moved to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in late 2001 to start a postdoc with Professor Allan Bradley. In Allan Bradley's lab David developed an interest in cancer genetics, refined technologies for modifying the mouse genome and developed a large number of mouse models to study disease gene function.

In 2006 David was awarded a Cancer Research UK Career Development Fellowship and joined the faculty of the Sanger Institute. In 2012 David became a CR-UK Senior fellow. David is adjunct-faculty at the Cambridge Cancer Research Institute and works closely with a number of scientists throughout the Cambridge research community. He is a member of Genomel (Genomics of Melanoma Consortium), The Infection, Immunity and Immunophenotyping consortium (3I) and the Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders Consortium (DMDD). He is also on the Steering Committee of the International Mouse Phenotyping consortium and on the scientific advisory board of Cancer Research Technology and Phenomin.


Publications 2015

  • PAX5 is a tumor suppressor in mouse mutagenesis models of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

    Dang J, Wei L, de Ridder J, Su X, Rust AG, Roberts KG, Payne-Turner D, Cheng J, Ma J, Qu C, Wu G, Song G, Huether RG, Schulman B, Janke L, Zhang J, Downing JR, van der Weyden L, Adams DJ and Mullighan CG

    Blood 2015;125;23;3609-17

  • Synthetic viability genomic screening defines Sae2 function in DNA repair.

    Puddu F, Oelschlaegel T, Guerini I, Geisler NJ, Niu H, Herzog M, Salguero I, Ochoa-Montaño B, Viré E, Sung P, Adams DJ, Keane TM and Jackson SP

    The EMBO journal 2015;34;11;1509-22

  • The BRAF pseudogene functions as a competitive endogenous RNA and induces lymphoma in vivo.

    Karreth FA, Reschke M, Ruocco A, Ng C, Chapuy B, Léopold V, Sjoberg M, Keane TM, Verma A, Ala U, Tay Y, Wu D, Seitzer N, Velasco-Herrera Mdel C, Bothmer A, Fung J, Langellotto F, Rodig SJ, Elemento O, Shipp MA, Adams DJ, Chiarle R and Pandolfi PP

    Cell 2015;161;2;319-32

  • BRAF inhibitor resistance mediated by the AKT pathway in an oncogenic BRAF mouse melanoma model.

    Perna D, Karreth FA, Rust AG, Perez-Mancera PA, Rashid M, Iorio F, Alifrangis C, Arends MJ, Bosenberg MW, Bollag G, Tuveson DA and Adams DJ

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2015;112;6;E536-45

  • Nonsense mutations in the shelterin complex genes ACD and TERF2IP in familial melanoma.

    Aoude LG, Pritchard AL, Robles-Espinoza CD, Wadt K, Harland M, Choi J, Gartside M, Quesada V, Johansson P, Palmer JM, Ramsay AJ, Zhang X, Jones K, Symmons J, Holland EA, Schmid H, Bonazzi V, Woods S, Dutton-Regester K, Stark MS, Snowden H, van Doorn R, Montgomery GW, Martin NG, Keane TM, López-Otín C, Gerdes AM, Olsson H, Ingvar C, Borg A, Gruis NA, Trent JM, Jönsson G, Bishop DT, Mann GJ, Newton-Bishop JA, Brown KM, Adams DJ and Hayward NK

    Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2015;107;2

  • Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes and evolutionary forces driving gastrointestinal tract tumor progression.

    Takeda H, Wei Z, Koso H, Rust AG, Yew CC, Mann MB, Ward JM, Adams DJ, Copeland NG and Jenkins NA

    Nature genetics 2015;47;2;142-50

  • A high-throughput in vivo micronucleus assay for genome instability screening in mice.

    Balmus G, Karp NA, Ng BL, Jackson SP, Adams DJ and McIntyre RE

    Nature protocols 2015;10;1;205-15

  • BRAF/NRAS wild-type melanoma, NF1 status and sensitivity to trametinib.

    Ranzani M, Alifrangis C, Perna D, Dutton-Regester K, Pritchard A, Wong K, Rashid M, Robles-Espinoza CD, Hayward NK, McDermott U, Garnett M and Adams DJ

    Pigment cell & melanoma research 2015;28;1;117-9

  • A minimally invasive, lentiviral based method for the rapid and sustained genetic manipulation of renal tubules.

    Espana-Agusti J, Tuveson DA, Adams DJ and Matakidou A

    Scientific reports 2015;5;11061

  • CopywriteR: DNA copy number detection from off-target sequence data.

    Kuilman T, Velds A, Kemper K, Ranzani M, Bombardelli L, Hoogstraat M, Nevedomskaya E, Xu G, de Ruiter J, Lolkema MP, Ylstra B, Jonkers J, Rottenberg S, Wessels LF, Adams DJ, Peeper DS and Krijgsman O

    Genome biology 2015;16;49

Publications 2014

  • Telomere-regulating genes and the telomere interactome in familial cancers.

    Robles-Espinoza CD, Velasco-Herrera Mdel C, Hayward NK and Adams DJ

    Molecular cancer research : MCR 2015;13;2;211-22

  • The mutational landscapes of genetic and chemical models of Kras-driven lung cancer.

    Westcott PM, Halliwill KD, To MD, Rashid M, Rust AG, Keane TM, Delrosario R, Jen KY, Gurley KE, Kemp CJ, Fredlund E, Quigley DA, Adams DJ and Balmain A

    Nature 2015;517;7535;489-92

  • Disruption of the potassium channel regulatory subunit KCNE2 causes iron-deficient anemia.

    Salsbury G, Cambridge EL, McIntyre Z, Arends MJ, Karp NA, Isherwood C, Shannon C, Hooks Y, Sanger Mouse Genetics Project, Ramirez-Solis R, Adams DJ, White JK and Speak AO

    Experimental hematology 2014;42;12;1053-8.e1

  • Mutation, clonal fitness and field change in epithelial carcinogenesis.

    Frede J, Adams DJ and Jones PH

    The Journal of pathology 2014;234;3;296-301

  • Cancer gene discovery goes mobile.

    van der Weyden L, Ranzani M and Adams DJ

    Nature genetics 2014;46;9;928-9

  • A strategy to identify dominant point mutant modifiers of a quantitative trait.

    Dove WF, Shedlovsky A, Clipson L, Amos-Landgraf JM, Halberg RB, Krentz KJ, Boehm FJ, Newton MA, Adams DJ and Keane TM

    G3 (Bethesda, Md.) 2014;4;6;1113-21

  • POT1 loss-of-function variants predispose to familial melanoma.

    Robles-Espinoza CD, Harland M, Ramsay AJ, Aoude LG, Quesada V, Ding Z, Pooley KA, Pritchard AL, Tiffen JC, Petljak M, Palmer JM, Symmons J, Johansson P, Stark MS, Gartside MG, Snowden H, Montgomery GW, Martin NG, Liu JZ, Choi J, Makowski M, Brown KM, Dunning AM, Keane TM, López-Otín C, Gruis NA, Hayward NK, Bishop DT, Newton-Bishop JA and Adams DJ

    Nature genetics 2014;46;5;478-81

  • Identification of FoxR2 as an oncogene in medulloblastoma.

    Koso H, Tsuhako A, Lyons E, Ward JM, Rust AG, Adams DJ, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG and Watanabe S

    Cancer research 2014;74;8;2351-61

  • Cross-species analysis of mouse and human cancer genomes.

    Robles-Espinoza CD and Adams DJ

    Cold Spring Harbor protocols 2014;2014;4;350-8

  • Insertional mutagenesis and deep profiling reveals gene hierarchies and a Myc/p53-dependent bottleneck in lymphomagenesis.

    Huser CA, Gilroy KL, de Ridder J, Kilbey A, Borland G, Mackay N, Jenkins A, Bell M, Herzyk P, van der Weyden L, Adams DJ, Rust AG, Cameron E and Neil JC

    PLoS genetics 2014;10;2;e1004167

  • Inactivating CUX1 mutations promote tumorigenesis.

    Wong CC, Martincorena I, Rust AG, Rashid M, Alifrangis C, Alexandrov LB, Tiffen JC, Kober C, Chronic Myeloid Disorders Working Group of the International Cancer Genome Consortium, Green AR, Massie CE, Nangalia J, Lempidaki S, Döhner H, Döhner K, Bray SJ, McDermott U, Papaemmanuil E, Campbell PJ and Adams DJ

    Nature genetics 2014;46;1;33-8

  • Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes driving hepatocellular carcinoma in a chronic hepatitis B mouse model.

    Bard-Chapeau EA, Nguyen AT, Rust AG, Sayadi A, Lee P, Chua BQ, New LS, de Jong J, Ward JM, Chin CK, Chew V, Toh HC, Abastado JP, Benoukraf T, Soong R, Bard FA, Dupuy AJ, Johnson RL, Radda GK, Chan EC, Wessels LF, Adams DJ, Jenkins NA and Copeland NG

    Nature genetics 2014;46;1;24-32

  • Identification of structural variation in mouse genomes.

    Keane TM, Wong K, Adams DJ, Flint J, Reymond A and Yalcin B

    Frontiers in genetics 2014;5;192

  • Impact of temporal variation on design and analysis of mouse knockout phenotyping studies.

    Karp NA, Speak AO, White JK, Adams DJ, Hrabé de Angelis M, Hérault Y and Mott RF

    PloS one 2014;9;10;e111239

  • One patient, two lesions, two oncogenic drivers of gastric cancer.

    Alsinet C, Ranzani M and Adams DJ

    Genome biology 2014;15;8;444

  • Targeting of Slc25a21 is associated with orofacial defects and otitis media due to disrupted expression of a neighbouring gene.

    Maguire S, Estabel J, Ingham N, Pearson S, Ryder E, Carragher DM, Walker N, Sanger MGP Slc25a21 Project Team, Bussell J, Chan WI, Keane TM, Adams DJ, Scudamore CL, Lelliott CJ, Ramírez-Solis R, Karp NA, Steel KP, White JK and Gerdin AK

    PloS one 2014;9;3;e91807

Publications 2013

  • Spindle assembly checkpoint of oocytes depends on a kinetochore structure determined by cohesin in meiosis I.

    Tachibana-Konwalski K, Godwin J, Borsos M, Rattani A, Adams DJ and Nasmyth K

    Current biology : CB 2013;23;24;2534-9

  • Sleeping Beauty mutagenesis in a mouse medulloblastoma model defines networks that discriminate between human molecular subgroups.

    Genovesi LA, Ng CG, Davis MJ, Remke M, Taylor MD, Adams DJ, Rust AG, Ward JM, Ban KH, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG and Wainwright BJ

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2013;110;46;E4325-34

  • Cancer gene discovery: exploiting insertional mutagenesis.

    Ranzani M, Annunziato S, Adams DJ and Montini E

    Molecular cancer research : MCR 2013;11;10;1141-58

  • Cake: a bioinformatics pipeline for the integrated analysis of somatic variants in cancer genomes.

    Rashid M, Robles-Espinoza CD, Rust AG and Adams DJ

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2013;29;17;2208-10

  • Cooperativity and rapid evolution of cobound transcription factors in closely related mammals.

    Stefflova K, Thybert D, Wilson MD, Streeter I, Aleksic J, Karagianni P, Brazma A, Adams DJ, Talianidis I, Marioni JC, Flicek P and Odom DT

    Cell 2013;154;3;530-40

  • Genome sequencing reveals loci under artificial selection that underlie disease phenotypes in the laboratory rat.

    Atanur SS, Diaz AG, Maratou K, Sarkis A, Rotival M, Game L, Tschannen MR, Kaisaki PJ, Otto GW, Ma MC, Keane TM, Hummel O, Saar K, Chen W, Guryev V, Gopalakrishnan K, Garrett MR, Joe B, Citterio L, Bianchi G, McBride M, Dominiczak A, Adams DJ, Serikawa T, Flicek P, Cuppen E, Hubner N, Petretto E, Gauguier D, Kwitek A, Jacob H and Aitman TJ

    Cell 2013;154;3;691-703

  • The ancestor of extant Japanese fancy mice contributed to the mosaic genomes of classical inbred strains.

    Takada T, Ebata T, Noguchi H, Keane TM, Adams DJ, Narita T, Shin-I T, Fujisawa H, Toyoda A, Abe K, Obata Y, Sakaki Y, Moriwaki K, Fujiyama A, Kohara Y and Shiroishi T

    Genome research 2013;23;8;1329-38

  • Genome-wide generation and systematic phenotyping of knockout mice reveals new roles for many genes.

    White JK, Gerdin AK, Karp NA, Ryder E, Buljan M, Bussell JN, Salisbury J, Clare S, Ingham NJ, Podrini C, Houghton R, Estabel J, Bottomley JR, Melvin DG, Sunter D, Adams NC, Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project, Tannahill D, Logan DW, Macarthur DG, Flint J, Mahajan VB, Tsang SH, Smyth I, Watt FM, Skarnes WC, Dougan G, Adams DJ, Ramirez-Solis R, Bradley A and Steel KP

    Cell 2013;154;2;452-64

  • Combined sequence-based and genetic mapping analysis of complex traits in outbred rats.

    Rat Genome Sequencing and Mapping Consortium, Baud A, Hermsen R, Guryev V, Stridh P, Graham D, McBride MW, Foroud T, Calderari S, Diez M, Ockinger J, Beyeen AD, Gillett A, Abdelmagid N, Guerreiro-Cacais AO, Jagodic M, Tuncel J, Norin U, Beattie E, Huynh N, Miller WH, Koller DL, Alam I, Falak S, Osborne-Pellegrin M, Martinez-Membrives E, Canete T, Blazquez G, Vicens-Costa E, Mont-Cardona C, Diaz-Moran S, Tobena A, Hummel O, Zelenika D, Saar K, Patone G, Bauerfeind A, Bihoreau MT, Heinig M, Lee YA, Rintisch C, Schulz H, Wheeler DA, Worley KC, Muzny DM, Gibbs RA, Lathrop M, Lansu N, Toonen P, Ruzius FP, de Bruijn E, Hauser H, Adams DJ, Keane T, Atanur SS, Aitman TJ, Flicek P, Malinauskas T, Jones EY, Ekman D, Lopez-Aumatell R, Dominiczak AF, Johannesson M, Holmdahl R, Olsson T, Gauguier D, Hubner N, Fernandez-Teruel A, Cuppen E, Mott R and Flint J

    Nature genetics 2013;45;7;767-75

  • Genomic analysis of a novel spontaneous albino C57BL/6N mouse strain.

    Ryder E, Wong K, Gleeson D, Keane TM, Sethi D, Vyas S, Wardle-Jones H, Bussell JN, Houghton R, Salisbury J, Harvey N, Adams DJ, Sanger Mouse Genetics Project and Ramirez-Solis R

    Genesis (New York, N.Y. : 2000) 2013;51;7;523-8

  • Astroglial IFITM3 mediates neuronal impairments following neonatal immune challenge in mice.

    Ibi D, Nagai T, Nakajima A, Mizoguchi H, Kawase T, Tsuboi D, Kano S, Sato Y, Hayakawa M, Lange UC, Adams DJ, Surani MA, Satoh T, Sawa A, Kaibuchi K, Nabeshima T and Yamada K

    Glia 2013;61;5;679-93

  • Cancer of mice and men: old twists and new tails.

    van der Weyden L and Adams DJ

    The Journal of pathology 2013;230;1;4-16

  • Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders (DMDD): a new programme for phenotyping embryonic lethal mice.

    Mohun T, Adams DJ, Baldock R, Bhattacharya S, Copp AJ, Hemberger M, Houart C, Hurles ME, Robertson E, Smith JC, Weaver T and Weninger W

    Disease models & mechanisms 2013;6;3;562-6

  • RetroSeq: transposable element discovery from next-generation sequencing data.

    Keane TM, Wong K and Adams DJ

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2013;29;3;389-90

  • Jdp2 downregulates Trp53 transcription to promote leukaemogenesis in the context of Trp53 heterozygosity.

    van der Weyden L, Rust AG, McIntyre RE, Robles-Espinoza CD, del Castillo Velasco-Herrera M, Strogantsev R, Ferguson-Smith AC, McCarthy S, Keane TM, Arends MJ and Adams DJ

    Oncogene 2013;32;3;397-402

  • A comparative phenotypic and genomic analysis of C57BL/6J and C57BL/6N mouse strains.

    Simon MM, Greenaway S, White JK, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Wells S, Sorg T, Wong K, Bedu E, Cartwright EJ, Dacquin R, Djebali S, Estabel J, Graw J, Ingham NJ, Jackson IJ, Lengeling A, Mandillo S, Marvel J, Meziane H, Preitner F, Puk O, Roux M, Adams DJ, Atkins S, Ayadi A, Becker L, Blake A, Brooker D, Cater H, Champy MF, Combe R, Danecek P, di Fenza A, Gates H, Gerdin AK, Golini E, Hancock JM, Hans W, Hölter SM, Hough T, Jurdic P, Keane TM, Morgan H, Müller W, Neff F, Nicholson G, Pasche B, Roberson LA, Rozman J, Sanderson M, Santos L, Selloum M, Shannon C, Southwell A, Tocchini-Valentini GP, Vancollie VE, Westerberg H, Wurst W, Zi M, Yalcin B, Ramirez-Solis R, Steel KP, Mallon AM, de Angelis MH, Herault Y and Brown SD

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  • The genetic heterogeneity and mutational burden of engineered melanomas in zebrafish models.

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    Genome biology 2013;14;10;R113

  • Analysis of tumor heterogeneity and cancer gene networks using deep sequencing of MMTV-induced mouse mammary tumors.

    Klijn C, Koudijs MJ, Kool J, ten Hoeve J, Boer M, de Moes J, Akhtar W, van Miltenburg M, Vendel-Zwaagstra A, Reinders MJ, Adams DJ, van Lohuizen M, Hilkens J, Wessels LF and Jonkers J

    PloS one 2013;8;5;e62113

  • Contributions of protein-coding and regulatory change to adaptive molecular evolution in murid rodents.

    Halligan DL, Kousathanas A, Ness RW, Harr B, Eöry L, Keane TM, Adams DJ and Keightley PD

    PLoS genetics 2013;9;12;e1003995

  • Go retro and get a GRIP.

    Wong K, Adams DJ and Keane TM

    Genome biology 2013;14;3;108

  • Identification of a neuronal transcription factor network involved in medulloblastoma development.

    Lastowska M, Al-Afghani H, Al-Balool HH, Sheth H, Mercer E, Coxhead JM, Redfern CP, Peters H, Burt AD, Santibanez-Koref M, Bacon CM, Chesler L, Rust AG, Adams DJ, Williamson D, Clifford SC and Jackson MS

    Acta neuropathologica communications 2013;1;35

  • Mcph1-deficient mice reveal a role for MCPH1 in otitis media.

    Chen J, Ingham N, Clare S, Raisen C, Vancollie VE, Ismail O, McIntyre RE, Tsang SH, Mahajan VB, Dougan G, Adams DJ, White JK and Steel KP

    PloS one 2013;8;3;e58156

  • RetroSeq: transposable element discovery from next-generation sequencing data.

    Keane TM, Wong K and Adams DJ

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2013;29;3;389-90

  • Jdp2 downregulates Trp53 transcription to promote leukaemogenesis in the context of Trp53 heterozygosity.

    van der Weyden L, Rust AG, McIntyre RE, Robles-Espinoza CD, del Castillo Velasco-Herrera M, Strogantsev R, Ferguson-Smith AC, McCarthy S, Keane TM, Arends MJ and Adams DJ

    Oncogene 2013;32;3;397-402

  • Deficiency for the ubiquitin ligase UBE3B in a blepharophimosis-ptosis-intellectual-disability syndrome.

    Basel-Vanagaite L, Dallapiccola B, Ramirez-Solis R, Segref A, Thiele H, Edwards A, Arends MJ, Miró X, White JK, Désir J, Abramowicz M, Dentici ML, Lepri F, Hofmann K, Har-Zahav A, Ryder E, Karp NA, Estabel J, Gerdin AK, Podrini C, Ingham NJ, Altmüller J, Nürnberg G, Frommolt P, Abdelhak S, Pasmanik-Chor M, Konen O, Kelley RI, Shohat M, Nürnberg P, Flint J, Steel KP, Hoppe T, Kubisch C, Adams DJ and Borck G

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  • Generation of the Sotos syndrome deletion in mice.

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  • Using mice to unveil the genetics of cancer resistance.

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  • Pancreatic cancer genomes reveal aberrations in axon guidance pathway genes.

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  • Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes that transform neural stem cells into glioma-initiating cells.

    Koso H, Takeda H, Yew CC, Ward JM, Nariai N, Ueno K, Nagasaki M, Watanabe S, Rust AG, Adams DJ, Copeland NG and Jenkins NA

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  • Mouse large-scale phenotyping initiatives: overview of the European Mouse Disease Clinic (EUMODIC) and of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project.

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  • Loss of RASSF1A synergizes with deregulated RUNX2 signaling in tumorigenesis.

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  • IFITM3 restricts the morbidity and mortality associated with influenza.

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  • Sleeping Beauty mutagenesis reveals cooperating mutations and pathways in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

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  • BLUEPRINT to decode the epigenetic signature written in blood.

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  • The critical role of histone H2A-deubiquitinase Mysm1 in hematopoiesis and lymphocyte differentiation.

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  • Cancer gene discovery in the mouse.

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  • A dominantly acting murine allele of Mcm4 causes chromosomal abnormalities and promotes tumorigenesis.

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  • The genomic landscape shaped by selection on transposable elements across 18 mouse strains.

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  • Disruption of mouse Cenpj, a regulator of centriole biogenesis, phenocopies Seckel syndrome.

    McIntyre RE, Lakshminarasimhan Chavali P, Ismail O, Carragher DM, Sanchez-Andrade G, Forment JV, Fu B, Del Castillo Velasco-Herrera M, Edwards A, van der Weyden L, Yang F, Sanger Mouse Genetics Project, Ramirez-Solis R, Estabel J, Gallagher FA, Logan DW, Arends MJ, Tsang SH, Mahajan VB, Scudamore CL, White JK, Jackson SP, Gergely F and Adams DJ

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  • High levels of RNA-editing site conservation amongst 15 laboratory mouse strains.

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  • Increased tumorigenesis associated with loss of the tumor suppressor gene Cadm1.

    van der Weyden L, Arends MJ, Rust AG, Poulogiannis G, McIntyre RE and Adams DJ

    Molecular cancer 2012;11;29

  • Modeling partial monosomy for human chromosome 21q11.2-q21.1 reveals haploinsufficient genes influencing behavior and fat deposition.

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  • Sequencing and characterization of the FVB/NJ mouse genome.

    Wong K, Bumpstead S, Van Der Weyden L, Reinholdt LG, Wilming LG, Adams DJ and Keane TM

    Genome biology 2012;13;8;R72

  • High-throughput semiquantitative analysis of insertional mutations in heterogeneous tumors.

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  • Insertional mutagenesis identifies multiple networks of cooperating genes driving intestinal tumorigenesis.

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  • In vivo identification of tumor- suppressive PTEN ceRNAs in an oncogenic BRAF-induced mouse model of melanoma.

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  • A role for cohesin in T-cell-receptor rearrangement and thymocyte differentiation.

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  • Computational identification of insertional mutagenesis targets for cancer gene discovery.

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  • Modeling the evolution of ETV6-RUNX1-induced B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia in mice.

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  • Acute sensitivity of the oral mucosa to oncogenic K-ras.

    van der Weyden L, Alcolea MP, Jones PH, Rust AG, Arends MJ and Adams DJ

    The Journal of pathology 2011;224;1;22-32

  • Shotgun proteomics aids discovery of novel protein-coding genes, alternative splicing, and "resurrected" pseudogenes in the mouse genome.

    Brosch M, Saunders GI, Frankish A, Collins MO, Yu L, Wright J, Verstraten R, Adams DJ, Harrow J, Choudhary JS and Hubbard T

    Genome research 2011;21;5;756-67

  • Disruption of mouse Slx4, a regulator of structure-specific nucleases, phenocopies Fanconi anemia.

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  • Exome sequencing identifies frequent mutation of the SWI/SNF complex gene PBRM1 in renal carcinoma.

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  • Activation of K-RAS by co-mutation of codons 19 and 20 is transforming.

    Naguib A, Wilson CH, Adams DJ and Arends MJ

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  • Exome sequencing identifies a missense mutation in Isl1 associated with low penetrance otitis media in dearisch mice.

    Hilton JM, Lewis MA, Grati M, Ingham N, Pearson S, Laskowski RA, Adams DJ and Steel KP

    Genome biology 2011;12;9;R90

  • Sequencing skippy: the genome sequence of an Australian kangaroo, Macropus eugenii.

    Murchison EP and Adams DJ

    Genome biology 2011;12;8;123

Publications 2010

  • Slingshot: a PiggyBac based transposon system for tamoxifen-inducible 'self-inactivating' insertional mutagenesis.

    Kong J, Wang F, Brenton JD and Adams DJ

    Nucleic acids research 2010;38;18;e173

  • PARK2 deletions occur frequently in sporadic colorectal cancer and accelerate adenoma development in Apc mutant mice.

    Poulogiannis G, McIntyre RE, Dimitriadi M, Apps JR, Wilson CH, Ichimura K, Luo F, Cantley LC, Wyllie AH, Adams DJ and Arends MJ

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2010;107;34;15145-50

  • The activating mutation R201C in GNAS promotes intestinal tumourigenesis in Apc(Min/+) mice through activation of Wnt and ERK1/2 MAPK pathways.

    Wilson CH, McIntyre RE, Arends MJ and Adams DJ

    Oncogene 2010;29;32;4567-75

  • Using next-generation sequencing for high resolution multiplex analysis of copy number variation from nanogram quantities of DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded specimens.

    Wood HM, Belvedere O, Conway C, Daly C, Chalkley R, Bickerdike M, McKinley C, Egan P, Ross L, Hayward B, Morgan J, Davidson L, MacLennan K, Ong TK, Papagiannopoulos K, Cook I, Adams DJ, Taylor GR and Rabbitts P

    Nucleic acids research 2010;38;14;e151

  • CHD7 targets active gene enhancer elements to modulate ES cell-specific gene expression.

    Schnetz MP, Handoko L, Akhtar-Zaidi B, Bartels CF, Pereira CF, Fisher AG, Adams DJ, Flicek P, Crawford GE, Laframboise T, Tesar P, Wei CL and Scacheri PC

    PLoS genetics 2010;6;7;e1001023

  • 53BP1 loss rescues BRCA1 deficiency and is associated with triple-negative and BRCA-mutated breast cancers.

    Bouwman P, Aly A, Escandell JM, Pieterse M, Bartkova J, van der Gulden H, Hiddingh S, Thanasoula M, Kulkarni A, Yang Q, Haffty BG, Tommiska J, Blomqvist C, Drapkin R, Adams DJ, Nevanlinna H, Bartek J, Tarsounas M, Ganesan S and Jonkers J

    Nature structural & molecular biology 2010;17;6;688-95

  • Copy number variant detection in inbred strains from short read sequence data.

    Simpson JT, McIntyre RE, Adams DJ and Durbin R

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2010;26;4;565-7

  • Novel candidate cancer genes identified by a large-scale cross-species comparative oncogenomics approach.

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    Cancer research 2010;70;3;883-95

  • Genome-wide end-sequenced BAC resources for the NOD/MrkTac() and NOD/ShiLtJ() mouse genomes.

    Steward CA, Humphray S, Plumb B, Jones MC, Quail MA, Rice S, Cox T, Davies R, Bonfield J, Keane TM, Nefedov M, de Jong PJ, Lyons P, Wicker L, Todd J, Hayashizaki Y, Gulban O, Danska J, Harrow J, Hubbard T, Rogers J and Adams DJ

    Genomics 2010;95;2;105-10

  • Insertional mutagenesis in mice deficient for p15Ink4b, p16Ink4a, p21Cip1, and p27Kip1 reveals cancer gene interactions and correlations with tumor phenotypes.

    Kool J, Uren AG, Martins CP, Sie D, de Ridder J, Turner G, van Uitert M, Matentzoglu K, Lagcher W, Krimpenfort P, Gadiot J, Pritchard C, Lenz J, Lund AH, Jonkers J, Rogers J, Adams DJ, Wessels L, Berns A and van Lohuizen M

    Cancer research 2010;70;2;520-31

  • A high-throughput pharmaceutical screen identifies compounds with specific toxicity against BRCA2-deficient tumors.

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  • Identification of networks of co-occurring, tumor-related DNA copy number changes using a genome-wide scoring approach.

    Klijn C, Bot J, Adams DJ, Reinders M, Wessels L and Jonkers J

    PLoS computational biology 2010;6;1;e1000631

  • Ectodomains of the LDL receptor-related proteins LRP1b and LRP4 have anchorage independent functions in vivo.

    Dietrich MF, van der Weyden L, Prosser HM, Bradley A, Herz J and Adams DJ

    PloS one 2010;5;4;e9960

Publications 2009

  • The IFITM proteins mediate cellular resistance to influenza A H1N1 virus, West Nile virus, and dengue virus.

    Brass AL, Huang IC, Benita Y, John SP, Krishnan MN, Feeley EM, Ryan BJ, Weyer JL, van der Weyden L, Fikrig E, Adams DJ, Xavier RJ, Farzan M and Elledge SJ

    Cell 2009;139;7;1243-54

  • Discovery of candidate disease genes in ENU-induced mouse mutants by large-scale sequencing, including a splice-site mutation in nucleoredoxin.

    Boles MK, Wilkinson BM, Wilming LG, Liu B, Probst FJ, Harrow J, Grafham D, Hentges KE, Woodward LP, Maxwell A, Mitchell K, Risley MD, Johnson R, Hirschi K, Lupski JR, Funato Y, Miki H, Marin-Garcia P, Matthews L, Coffey AJ, Parker A, Hubbard TJ, Rogers J, Bradley A, Adams DJ and Justice MJ

    PLoS genetics 2009;5;12;e1000759

  • Whole-body sleeping beauty mutagenesis can cause penetrant leukemia/lymphoma and rare high-grade glioma without associated embryonic lethality.

    Collier LS, Adams DJ, Hackett CS, Bendzick LE, Akagi K, Davies MN, Diers MD, Rodriguez FJ, Bender AM, Tieu C, Matise I, Dupuy AJ, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Hodgson JG, Weiss WA, Jenkins RB and Largaespada DA

    Cancer research 2009;69;21;8429-37

  • Next-generation sequencing of vertebrate experimental organisms.

    Turner DJ, Keane TM, Sudbery I and Adams DJ

    Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society 2009;20;6;327-38

  • Megaoesophagus in Rassf1a-null mice.

    van der Weyden L, Happerfield L, Arends MJ and Adams DJ

    International journal of experimental pathology 2009;90;2;101-8

  • A high-throughput splinkerette-PCR method for the isolation and sequencing of retroviral insertion sites.

    Uren AG, Mikkers H, Kool J, van der Weyden L, Lund AH, Wilson CH, Rance R, Jonkers J, van Lohuizen M, Berns A and Adams DJ

    Nature protocols 2009;4;5;789-98

  • Deep short-read sequencing of chromosome 17 from the mouse strains A/J and CAST/Ei identifies significant germline variation and candidate genes that regulate liver triglyceride levels.

    Sudbery I, Stalker J, Simpson JT, Keane T, Rust AG, Hurles ME, Walter K, Lynch D, Teboul L, Brown SD, Li H, Ning Z, Nadeau JH, Croniger CM, Durbin R and Adams DJ

    Genome biology 2009;10;10;R112

Older publications

  • Normal germ line establishment in mice carrying a deletion of the Ifitm/Fragilis gene family cluster.

    Lange UC, Adams DJ, Lee C, Barton S, Schneider R, Bradley A and Surani MA

    Molecular and cellular biology 2008;28;15;4688-96

  • Loss of Rassf1a cooperates with Apc(Min) to accelerate intestinal tumourigenesis.

    van der Weyden L, Arends MJ, Dovey OM, Harrison HL, Lefebvre G, Conte N, Gergely FV, Bradley A and Adams DJ

    Oncogene 2008;27;32;4503-8

  • Large-scale mutagenesis in p19(ARF)- and p53-deficient mice identifies cancer genes and their collaborative networks.

    Uren AG, Kool J, Matentzoglu K, de Ridder J, Mattison J, van Uitert M, Lagcher W, Sie D, Tanger E, Cox T, Reinders M, Hubbard TJ, Rogers J, Jonkers J, Wessels L, Adams DJ, van Lohuizen M and Berns A

    Cell 2008;133;4;727-41

  • The Ras-association domain family (RASSF) members and their role in human tumourigenesis.

    van der Weyden L and Adams DJ

    Biochimica et biophysica acta 2007;1776;1;58-85

  • Renin enhancer is critical for control of renin gene expression and cardiovascular function.

    Adams DJ, Head GA, Markus MA, Lovicu FJ, van der Weyden L, Köntgen F, Arends MJ, Thiru S, Mayorov DN and Morris BJ

    The Journal of biological chemistry 2006;281;42;31753-61

  • Functional knockout of the matrilin-3 gene causes premature chondrocyte maturation to hypertrophy and increases bone mineral density and osteoarthritis.

    van der Weyden L, Wei L, Luo J, Yang X, Birk DE, Adams DJ, Bradley A and Chen Q

    The American journal of pathology 2006;169;2;515-27

  • TranscriptSNPView: a genome-wide catalog of mouse coding variation.

    Cunningham F, Rios D, Griffiths M, Smith J, Ning Z, Cox T, Flicek P, Marin-Garcin P, Herrero J, Rogers J, van der Weyden L, Bradley A, Birney E and Adams DJ

    Nature genetics 2006;38;8;853

  • Geminin is essential to prevent endoreduplication and to form pluripotent cells during mammalian development.

    Gonzalez MA, Tachibana KE, Adams DJ, van der Weyden L, Hemberger M, Coleman N, Bradley A and Laskey RA

    Genes & development 2006;20;14;1880-4

  • Loss of TSLC1 causes male infertility due to a defect at the spermatid stage of spermatogenesis.

    van der Weyden L, Arends MJ, Chausiaux OE, Ellis PJ, Lange UC, Surani MA, Affara N, Murakami Y, Adams DJ and Bradley A

    Molecular and cellular biology 2006;26;9;3595-609

  • DNA sequence of human chromosome 17 and analysis of rearrangement in the human lineage.

    Zody MC, Garber M, Adams DJ, Sharpe T, Harrow J, Lupski JR, Nicholson C, Searle SM, Wilming L, Young SK, Abouelleil A, Allen NR, Bi W, Bloom T, Borowsky ML, Bugalter BE, Butler J, Chang JL, Chen CK, Cook A, Corum B, Cuomo CA, de Jong PJ, DeCaprio D, Dewar K, FitzGerald M, Gilbert J, Gibson R, Gnerre S, Goldstein S, Grafham DV, Grocock R, Hafez N, Hagopian DS, Hart E, Norman CH, Humphray S, Jaffe DB, Jones M, Kamal M, Khodiyar VK, LaButti K, Laird G, Lehoczky J, Liu X, Lokyitsang T, Loveland J, Lui A, Macdonald P, Major JE, Matthews L, Mauceli E, McCarroll SA, Mihalev AH, Mudge J, Nguyen C, Nicol R, O'Leary SB, Osoegawa K, Schwartz DC, Shaw-Smith C, Stankiewicz P, Steward C, Swarbreck D, Venkataraman V, Whittaker CA, Yang X, Zimmer AR, Bradley A, Hubbard T, Birren BW, Rogers J, Lander ES and Nusbaum C

    Nature 2006;440;7087;1045-9

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