Naomi Park, MChem, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist

Naomi's role within the sequencing technology research group is to focus upon the progression of new technologies and protocols within the Institute. This is to support the unique requirements of the sequencing production teams and faculty researchers.

Currently, my main work focus is the design and implementation of methods for capturing only a small subset of the genome for sequencing, commonly described as “targeted sequencing”. In particular, I am developing and optimising methods for highly targeted sequencing, or capture of particularly small regions of the genome for high depth coverage of rare variants. I have focused upon two alternative methods to enable this which are non-commercial, highly cost effective, incredibly sensitive and suitable for a few or thousands of samples. I enjoy the challenge of meeting a collaborators research need with a robust and affordable solution. I look forward to future collaborations to further translate the technical experience I have gained so far into results of biological significance.

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