This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Gemma was a C/C++ developer who worked primarily on the ZMap genome browser and SeqTools suite of sequence alignment visualisation tools. She also worked on the Ensembl C API, and used her experience in cross-platform development, multi-threading, SQL, Python, Perl and Git.

My projects have included:

  • the incorporation of the Ensembl C API into ZMap to allow direct access to Ensembl databases;
  • the addition of sophisticated feature-editing functionality to make ZMap a standalone annotation tool;
  • the integration of ZMap with the AceDB genome database, to allow ZMap to be run from xace as a replacement for FMap; and
  • a major overhaul of the SeqTools package to separate it from AceDB, including the transfer of the code repository to Git and the implementation of a new build system using Autotools.