Eve Coomber

Senior Genetic Engineering Specialist


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Eve focuses on applying genetic engineering techniques to understand genes involved in blood cell development and disease. Eve leads the variant to function wet laboratory within the Human Complex Traits team led by Nicole Soranzo.

I am a talented and highly experienced genetic researcher whose outstanding commitment and conscientious approach achieves publishing quality results. My current aim is to uncover regulatory mechanisms of non-coding variation in blood cell development and disease. I lead screens of GWAS hit variants associated with blood cell phenotypes with the use of non-coding CRISPR/Cas9 screening techniques.

I am a resourceful and proactive collaborator who identifies knowledge sharing opportunities across teams, departments and institutes to drive efficiency and creativity and maintain excellent long-term collaborations. My research knowledge includes functional genomics, blood development, infectious disease and developmental disorders.

I specialise in designing and implementing strategies for genetic engineering and molecular biology assays with extensive experience in creating knockout, knock-in and tagged cellular models (iPSC, K562, THP1, HL60, Hek293) and model organisms (planarian, zebrafish and mice). I have characterized models through phenotyping and molecular assays and developed hybridoma and protein purification protocols for mouse inoculation. I am a highly skilled communicator who presents complex information in an accessible manner to engage a wide range of audiences.

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