Our research is delivered by a wide range of scientists: from principal investigators to computer programmers, from Postdoctoral Fellows to data miners, from bioinformaticians to laboratory technicians.

Adams, Richard

Adams, Richard
Richard Adams
Head Of Operations, Parasites and Microbes

Behjati, Sam

Behjati, Sam
Sam Behjati
Group Leader and Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow

Bradley, Allan

Allan Bradley
Former Senior Group Leader & Director Emeritus

Campbell, Peter

Campbell, Peter
Peter Campbell
Head of Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation, and Senior Group Leader

Holroyd, Nancy

Nancy Holroyd
Helminth Sequencing Project Coordination

Iyer, Vivek

Vivek Iyer
Human Genetics Informatics Team Lead

Kekre, Mihir

Kekre, Mihir
Mihir Kekre
Operations Lead - Next-Gen Sequencing & Global Capacity Building

Kwiatkowski, Dominic

Dominic Kwiatkowski
Head of Parasites and Microbes Programme and Senior Group Leader

Miska, Eric

Miska, Eric
Eric Miska
Associate Faculty/Group Leader

Rayner, Julian C

Dr Julian C Rayner
Senior Group Leader and Director of Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science

Zhu, Ana

Zhu, Ana
Ana Zhu
Postdoctoral Fellow