Non-science Staff

To deliver the Institute's research, our scientists rely on the support and infrastructure provided by our administrative and technical teams.

Andrew, Tracey

Andrew, Tracey
Tracey Andrew
Executive Administrator Human Cell Atlas

Bowker, Sam

Sam Bowker
Recruitment, Visa and Immigration Partner

Dunbar, Carol

Dunbar, Carol
Carol Dunbar
Personal Assistant to Head of Human Genetics

Kerr, Ian

Kerr, Ian
Ian Kerr
Library Services Manager

Langley, Lizzy

Langley, Lizzy
Lizzy Langley
Research Manager for the Cellular Genetics Programme

Percival, Dawn

Dawn Percival
Head of Learning, Development & Talent

Simms, Alison

Alison Simms
Senior Internal Communications Lead

Smee, Carol

Carol Smee
Regulatory Compliance Manager

Webb, Niki

Niki Webb
Head of HR Business Partnering

Zemke, Steven

Steven Zemke
Research and Faculty Planning Manager