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The Media, PR and Communications team promote the fabulous research at the Sanger Institute, using both traditional media such as print, radio interviews and TV footage and social media like Twitter, Facebook and the Sanger Institute blog. The team are also responsible for the content on the wonderful new Institute website! We encourage and support the campus community with internal communications.

We help members of the institute share their knowledge and passion for science with researchers, aspiring scientists, policy makers and the public and we promote the Institute's world-leading expertise and support new Campus activities and innovations. To contact the team please email:

Core team

Photo of Dr Matthew Midgley

Dr Matthew Midgley

Media Officer

Photo of Emily Mobley

Emily Mobley

Media Manager

Photo of Alison Simms

Alison Simms

Senior Internal Communications Lead

Photo of Alison Cranage

Alison Cranage

Science Writer

Photo of Mr Mark Peter Thomson

Mr Mark Peter Thomson

Senior Digital and Print Content Editor

Photo of Dr Samantha Wynne

Dr Samantha Wynne

Media Officer

Photo of Catriona Clarke

Catriona Clarke

Communications Officer

Previous team members

Photo of Charlotte Cornell-Jones

Charlotte Cornell-Jones

Communications Assistant

Photo of Sophia Katherine Berry

Sophia Katherine Berry

Summer Placement



Science Media Centre

An independent press office helping to ensure that the public have access to the best scientific evidence and expertise through the news media when science hits the headlines

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πŸ§ͺ Many of the largest research projects in the life sciences are underpinned by cell biology, and our Cellular Generation and Phenotyping team are the powerhouse for much of our large-scale science πŸ₯ΌπŸ”¬

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A day in the life of a cell technician: CRISPR, teamwork, and character cells

Life in the cellular generation and phenotyping labs at the Sanger Institute.

Public trust in genomic research, and the use of how personal data is used and shared needs to improve significantly, if genomic medicine is to be effective in improving overall health and the delivery of healthcare, according to a @WGCethics led survey: