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Applying our science to benefit society by empowering innovators and engaging with businesses and investors

We build on the innovative capabilities of our people and deliver a benefit to society from Sanger science by engaging with businesses and by creating commercial opportunities. We also develop a unique and vibrant ecosystem to establish and grow innovative genomics and biodata businesses. 

Some of our initiatives are:

  • Entrepreneurial training, events and networking, such as the Wellcome Genome Startup School;
  • Partnering with industrial partners and direct commercialisation of our science;
  • Engagement with the innovation ecosystem in Cambridge (and beyond), by representing Sanger science and Innovation, co-developing events and providing opportunities for networking and synergies with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cambridge.

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Core team

Photo of Alexandra Canet Font

Alexandra Canet Font

Marketing Manager

Photo of Dr Mariya Chhatriwala

Dr Mariya Chhatriwala

Business Development Manager

Photo of Dr Gary P. Dillon

Dr Gary P. Dillon

Business Development Manager

Photo of Dr Agnieszka Wabik

Dr Agnieszka Wabik

Business Development Manager

Previous team members

Photo of Ros Cook

Ros Cook

Former Technology Transfer Solicitor

Photo of Adrian Ibrahim

Adrian Ibrahim

Head of Technology Transfer and Business Development

Photo of Victoria Vladimirovna Lebedeva-Baxter

Victoria Vladimirovna Lebedeva-Baxter

Marketing Manager, Campus Innovation

Photo of Ross Rounsevell

Ross Rounsevell

Former Business Development Manager