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Ibrahim, Adrian
Adrian Ibrahim, Ph.D. MBA ARCS
Group Leader

Adrian joined the Sanger Institute in 2011 to establish the Translation Office. With a background spanning academic research, structured finance and technology protection, development and commercialisation, Adrian was recruited to optimise the ability of Sanger Institute science to provide healthcare benefit. The first quinquennium of technology translation at Sanger has seen significant expansion and maturation of the Sanger Institute's portfolio of spin-out companies, the establishment of the 50 FTE Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation and execution of licensing deals with major strategic benefits for the exploitation of key Institute assets.

Podcast with Dr Adrian Ibrahim & CUTEC

Find out about what science translation means and how the Wellcome Sanger Institute's Technology Transfer Office is making a difference to so many areas of healthcare- from developing new cancer medicines to global tracking of malaria to help prevent its spread.

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Cook, Ros

Cook, Ros
Ros Cook
Technology Transfer Solicitor

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